Top 10 Most Disliked Videos On Youtube 2020 In India

Leela Adwani |Dec 16, 2020

Some unpleasant charts like the most disliked video on Youtube 2020 in India still grab eyeballs. Check it out!

The year 2020 almost comes to an end and it’s time to take a look back at a year full of ups and downs, twists, events, and scandals. There are a lot of year-end lists honoring excellent individuals or teams for their work. However, some unpleasant charts like the most disliked video on Youtube 2020 in India still grab eyeballs.

Most Disliked Videos On Youtube 2020 In India Ft
Top 10 Most Disliked Videos On Youtube 2020 In India

Read on to know which one tops the list?

10 - Khaali Peeli Official Trailer – Zee Studios

  • 196,000 Dislikes

A trailer of a Bollywood film had the dislike percentage accounted for the majority with nearly 75%. Khaali Peeli is the newly released movie of two young Bollywood stars Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khatter.

Like Alia Bhatt, Ananya Pandey is also the target of online trolls for being a star kid. One commented,

“With no struggle or acting talent Ananya Pandey got the best debut award. We'll make her realise what struggle is.”

Despite its record number of dislikes, Khaali Peeli full movie download is still sought after on piracy websites. It seems being among the most disliked videos on Youtube 2020 in India does not reduce but even increase the popularity for the Ananya Pandey-starrer.

9 - Oru Adaar Love: Freak Penne Rap – Musik247

  • 947,000 dislikes

A rap song from a Malayalam-language romance-comedy movie is not everyone’s cup of tea. Getting 974K dislike while the likes number is only 331K.

8 - Amir Siddiqui reply to Carry – Amir Siddiqui

  • 1 million dislikes

With the aim of spreading peace and removing hate for the e-war between Amir himself and Carry, the Tiktoker uploaded a video replying to the latter. If you are not living under a rock, you would know the murky and controversial debate over Youtube vs Tiktok. Carry Minati took digs at TikTok fame Amir Siddiqui about his grammar and education. At the peak of its popularity, the video was turned down by Youtube.

However, the video still failed to impress the public as it still receives a huge number of dislikes. Meanwhile, likes make up for only 10 percent.

7 - Sadak 2 Official Trailer – Disney+ Hotstar

  • 1.9 million dislikes

A Bollywood film trailer once again appears on the list. Sadak 2 trailer was released on two different channels but both of them are found in the most disliked video on Youtube 2020 list.

Never take the power of netizens for granted as the boycott wave is much bigger than you actually think. However, similar to the situation of Khaali Peeli, many people are still searching for free Sadak 2 movie download though constantly boycotting it on social media.

6 - Hindi: Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye – Jingle Toons

  • 2.4 million dislikes

It’s safe to say the list of most disliked video on Youtube 2020 in India is dominated by the Jingle Toons channel. This is among three videos of this channel appearing in this list even it’s not showing any rude behaviors or inappropriate messages.

Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye is a kid song with old-fashioned animation. The song with catchy melody reaches 1.2 billion views and gets 2.4 million dislikes. It’s seemingly the song replayed thousands of times in playtime or eating time of millions of Indian children.

5 - Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye – Kunal Kamra

  • 2.4 million dislikes

The video was uploaded on the Youtube channel of comedian Kunal Kamra who roasted Carry Minati (also called Ajey Nagar) – a Youtube sensation.

A lot of reaction videos from other YouTubers spring up like mushrooms after rain. One of them is of Kunal Kamra. Rather than just reacting to Youtuber Carry Minati’s video, Kunal released a clip roasting Minati.

Brutally trolling the hot Youtuber, Kunal’s video quickly went viral but got a negative response. Uploading on 29 May 2020, the video has 11.2 million views with 2.4 million dislikes now.

4 -  Exploring Shillong by Mr. Faisu – Mr. Faisu

  • 3.7 million dislikes

Mr. Faisu a.k.a Faisal Shaikh whose Tiktok account has been suspended tried his hand at another video-sharing platform, Youtube. The Exploring Shillong video is his first vlog showing him exploring Shillong. However, it seems Youtube fans didn’t like that video. Two weeks after the release, it received more than 3.5 million dislikes. As of now, the video gets 3.7M dislikes as opposed to only 584,000 likes.

Though Mr. Faisu lifestyle, as well as his rags-to-rich story, is admired by many Tiktok users in India, he doesn't get that luck when switching to Youtube.

3 - Humpty the train on a fruits ride – Kiddiestv Hindi

  • 4.4 million dislikes

Another kid song made it the list of most disliked video on Youtube 2020 in India. Uploaded by the well-known channel for kids Kiddiestv Hindi, the video gets 2.1 billion views until now. Started streaming on Youtube from 21 January 2018, the animated song receives 4.4 million dislikes.

It seems like the more people watch the clip, the more dislikes it gets. Like many kid songs that are repeated daily, Humpty the train on a fruit ride is yet another annoying song for a lot of people.

2 - Lakdi ki kathi – Jingle Toons

  • 4.6 million dislikes

Lakdi Ki Kathi is one of the most popular Hindi songs for children. The animated song is published by JingleToons. The video now reaches a whopping 1.8 billion views on Youtube with 4.6 million dislikes.

Even though it has a massive number of views but the dislike figure proves otherwise. It seems like the audience of this song is children only and not everyone vibes with this kind of video.

We don’t know such dislikes are from the little viewers or their parents but it hands down annoys a lot of people.

1 - Sadak 2 Trailer – Fox Star Studios

  • 13 million dislikes

And here we are, the most disliked video on Youtube 2020 in India is Sadak 2 trailer on Fox Star Studios channel. 2020 is packed with a lot of traumas and controversies. The demise of Bollywood young actor Sushant Singh Rajput has created an outrage among the netizens in India. As an effect of the untimely death of the late actor, the trailer of Alia Bhatt-starer Sadak 2 breaks a lot of the record to become the most disliked video in India and second-most disliked video on Youtube globally.

The raging debate over star kids, favoritism, and nepotism in Hindi cinema refuse to die down. Alia Bhatt as well as her film crew including her dad Mahesh Bhatt has found herself in the center of controversies. The trailer published by FoxStarHindi, as of now, gets more than 77 million views but manages to receive 13 million dislikes.

We bet that no one wants their name, their work to be featured in the list of most disliked video on Youtube 2020 in India. However, from a different perspective, the list reminds us of how 12 months of the year went by.

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