3-Year-old Toddler Found Alive After Falling From 12th-Floor Balcony

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 04, 2021

Everyone was shaken on their legs seeing a dangling toddle on the 12-floor balcony. One minute later, a superhero came and do wonder!

It was 5pm on Sunday that a Vietnamese man named Nguyen Ngoc Manh was resting inside his vans while hearing the streaming sounds of some people. He looked out of the car window and started to notice a small girl climbing out of the balcony in an apartment nearby.

It took only a few seconds for the man to release that the child was in a very dangerous situation as she was on the 12th-floor, 50 meters above the ground, and was almost falling.

Baby Falls From 12th Floor Superhero
Manh was one of the people who notice a child dangling onto the 12th-floor balcony

Becoming a superhero

The idea flashed through his mind that the young man didn’t have any second to think twice. He ran as fast as possible to climb over a 2-meter wall and get to the place where the child was likely to land on. It was a slippery roof Manh stood on that he lost his foot right at the moment the girl started to fall.

Fortunately, he managed to toss himself forward and used his arm to catch her head before the child fell onto the iron roof. The fall was so hard that she bounced up and left a big dent on the iron roof.

After checking the little girl, it was such a relief for Manh to know that she was still alive. According to the man, it was the most special moment in his entire life that he would never forget. He held her inside his arm and rushed into the hospital where the girl could do further check-ups.

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Baby 2
The fall was so hard that it left a big dent in the iron roof

The baby is in a good health condition

The security camera caught the footage of the small girl falling from her 12th-floor balcony and how she was saved by a real-life superhero. The story has quickly become viral in no time and makes headlines on national and international news channels as everyone was stunned by how amazing it is for the little girl to stay alive after the server accident. According to the doctor, the 3-year-old girl is still in a good condition except for a pelvic fracture.

Baby Fall
The baby is conscious and healthy after the epic fall

He is also a father of a daughter

The video shows the little girl climbing on a thin ledge and hanging on the balcony for a while. A woman in the opposite building was the first one to notice the emergency. She screamed out loud so other people including the delivery man were able to notice.

nguyen ngoc manh
Manh is also a father of a litter girl who is just around her age

Meanwhile, the superhero man, who is also a father of a little daughter, admitted that it was the most unforgettable experience he has been through. After saving the life of the girl, he came back home to hold his daughter inside his arms and burst into tears. His courageous action has been praised by not only the child’s parents and netizens but even the Prime Minister of the Vietnam government.

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