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Salena Harshini |May 18, 2020

The famous Netflix series "Sex Education" is now available for download in both season 1 and 2. Let's hesitate no more and start binge-watching right now.

Sex Education is a famous British comedy series that hit a lot of headlines after its release in early 2019. Starring young budding actors like Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa along with Hannibal actor Gillian Anderson, the serial grabbed eyeballs not only for its title but also for the essence that is extremely relatable to many.

If you are wondering about the reason for its virality, let’s start watching it right now with Sex Education download we have garnered for you below.

sex education download 1
Sex Education season 2 and 1 are all available for download here!

Sex Education, living up to its title, focuses on high-school life and sexual orientation of the teenagers. The drama series takes on a fresh yet familiar topic for every one of us. Intercourse between the adolescents, sec education, and relationships in schools seems to be overlooked and avoided by many parents as they c0nsider it a sensitive topic.

Sex Education download traces down the life of Otis, a socially awkward 16-year-old boy who, although has little to none experience in the lovemaking department, becomes an unexpectedly good sex therapist to the students around him.

The drama’s main topic is sex education but it does not pass over other noticeable concerns of the teenagers. The series leaves spaces for other characters besides the main and all the little stories make up a whole for Sex Education. The makers have made the right choice to bring up what has been going on in the world of Western youngsters, even those in many Asian and Eastern countries.

sex education download 2
Sex Education cast includes budding young actors such as Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey

There have been two seasons of Sex Education and they have quite a number of sensitive naked scenes with equivalent illustrations. Issues such as homosexuality, heterosexuality, masturbation or wet dreams are mentioned throughout the movie, but not too much that caused viewers fed up. Sensual scenes are cleverly integrated with logic and witty humor.

Sex Education season 2 continues to trigger the audience when pushing Otis and Maeve into new troubles. Otis will now have to face his own mother Jean F. Milburn who is a sex expert as she gets a job consulting as Moordale high school's sex education advisor.

Meanwhile, Maeve has to cope with family problems while also stuck between getting over Otis or confessing her true feelings.

The Sex Education season 2 series also has more room for special character lines from the first season. Otis's best friend Eric whose trademark is a brilliant smile struggles with his haunting past and decisions when reencountered Adam, his bully in the past.

In Sex Education download, the viewers can also see the story of Aimee who now has to deal with traumatic trauma after being harassed. They also reveal the tale of Adam, the rebellious and bully teenager, who turns out to be a boy with a fragile and full-of-guilt soul trying to hide his true gender.

And those are not everything. Sex Education 2 simultaneously unveils more aspects of the adult’s life. Otis’ mother who seemed to have a perfect life "away from the mundane", the headmaster of Moordale with a harsh way of thinking which tormented his wife, his kid, and himself. All have created an interesting miniature world with the characters of many colors, gender, class.

Sex Ed Olivia
A scene of Olivia, a girl from an Indian orthodox family, manages to sneak her boyfriend inside her bedroom

By the humorous, touching and insightful way of storytelling, the series brings viewers closer to the concepts of bisexual (people attracted by both sexes), pansexual (gender-blind people who when attracted to someone, it does not matter to them if they are male, female, transsexual), asexual (people who have no need for sex in relationships).

The story of dating and treating people with disabilities is also cleverly mentioned, suggesting to viewers about the communication consciousness and attitude towards them.

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Sex Edu
We are sure you won't be able to take your eyes from this sensual yet meaningful series

The wholesomeness of the Sex Education series is pushed to another level as viewers can witness many heartwarming moments that represent more things besides sex. Sisterhood, friendship, family connections… are delivered with beautiful images and messages that have a strong impact on the audience.

Exploiting such serious and sensitive concepts, but not because of it that Sex Education loses its inherent charisma. It is clear that the filmmakers have gained deep insights into the psychology of teenagers to be able to write such a strong, humorous script.

After two seasons, this is still a worth watching series not only for young audiences but is also a great gift for parents so they can understand more about the hard-to-express issues of their children. For the universe, Sex Education season 3 is also in the making.

Sex Ed 5
There will be plenty of sex scenes in the series

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