Fancy Cars, Beautiful Girlfriend To Big House, Mr Faisu Lifestyle Shows What Fame Can Bring Into Your Life

Bhavna Acharya |May 21, 2020

Mr Faisu lifestyle is obviously the ideal one all of us are dreaming of, from a big house, fancy car to a beautiful girlfriend. He sets a great model to the youth as the one who pursued his dream and lives his best life. 

Mr. Faisu has recently hit multiple headlines for the beef between him and Youtuber Carry Minati. Mr. Faisu is not only a megastar on TikTok but also a very well-known influencer in India. Regardless of all the controversies throughout his career, he still manages to gain support and affection from fans. If you want to know more about Mr Faisu lifestyle, continue reading because Starbiz has a lot of interesting information for you.

Mr Faisu lifestyle
Mr. Faisu is one of the most sought-after TikTok stars at the moment

Who is Mr. Faisu?

Mr. Faisu’s actual name is Shaikh Mudassir Faisal. He was born on August 5, 1998, in Mumbai.

Mr. Faisu has always been popular on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter,, and Instagram. However, his career turned over a new leaf and skyrocketed when he joined Tiktok. Unfortunately, Tiktok has suspended his account after a controversial video about the death of a Muslim.

Despite having caused a lot of drama, Mr. Faisu is still soaring in popularity with over 12 million followers on Instagram. The star is extremely active on social media especially when it comes to fashion posts.

His efforts surely pay off as people praise him as the hottest TikTok star in India and also the most sought-after online model. Besides his great passion for modeling, he also loves travel and has many different hobbies.  

Mr. Faisu family background

Mr. Faisu lifestyle 2
Mr. Faisu and his father in a birthday party

Mr. Faisu comes from a Muslim family in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The star manages to keep his personal life out of the public eyes, so further info about his family still remains unknown. The only known thing is that he still maintains a strong bond with his family members, especially her mom.

Mr. Faisu hairstyle

It would be incomplete to talk about Mr.Faisu without mentioning his iconic hairstyles, which are considered a source of inspiration for many Indian boys and men.

Mr Faisu lifestyle 3
Mr. Faisu hairstyle is popular among the Millenials

He has changed his hair several times and every single one of them looks incredibly fine on him. Despite the fact that people usually consider his hairstyles as wacky, the way he does his hair has made him really stand out.

Mr Faisu Lifestyle 1
With his long hair, Mr. Faisu can shape it into whatever he likes.

Let’s go through his hairstyle evolution from The Textured Crop,  Long Wavy Hair to Classy Einstein throughout this post on Mr Faisu lifestyle.

Mr Faisu Lifestyle 4
He's confident with this hairstyle while going out with Jannat Zubair.

Mr. Faisu girlfriend

As being one of the most famous heartthrobs in India, Mr. Faisu’s relationship status has always been the center of public attention. For a while, there has been an on-going rumor saying that he and Tik-Tok star Jannat Zubair Rahmani were dating. However, is she Mr Faisu girlfriend or just his close friend?

Mr Faisu lifestyle 5
Mr. Faisu is reportedly dating another TikTok star Jannat Zubair

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Neither of them has ever made any official statement about their relationship. However, through what appears on social media, it seems like they are good friends.

Since Mr.Faisu’s number one priority at the moment is his career, the fact that the star is still single is completely understandable.

Mr. Faisu bodybuilding

One of the key factors contributing to Mr.Faisu’s attractiveness is his well-built body.

Mr Faisu body body building
The 27-year-old man turns to head for his toned figure

He is greatly passionate about bodybuilding and takes it so seriously that fitness has become a substantial part of his daily life. If you are curious about Mr.Faisu’s secret to achieving such irresistible physique abs, take hints from his diet plans.

Mr Faisu Lifestyle 6
One of the signature in Mr Faisu lifestyle is his training timetable.

For breakfast, he normally eats 6 whites of eggs, 100gm oats, and one scoop of Whey. He has lunch with 250gm of fish and salad. Finally, he has 250gm chicken, one full bowl of brown rice and vegetable salad for dinner. For a comprehensive fitness routine, you should also check out his workout videos.

Mr Faisu house

With such a glamourous lifestyle, people are curious about Mr Faisu house to see how much money this guy really earns. However, it seems Mr. Faisu is not interested in flaunting his residence.

Mr Faisu lifestyle 9
Rumor said that Mr Faisu is going to buy a new house for his family

As Mr. Faisu house address is still a secret, the only information we have inside our hand is it is located in Mumbai.

In addition to that, rumor is doing the rounds that he is about to buy a new bigger house for his family with the money he earned from his popularity.

Mr Faisu Lifestyle 10
This photo is probably taken inside his house.

At the moment, we can only look at some hints about his house in uploaded photos like this!

Mr Faisu Lifestyle 11
Mr Faisu house is hardly featured in his posts.

Mr Faisu dress

When hearing Mr Faisu dress, you may think of some girly style but not. This guy dresses like a real gentleman whenever he is out.

He can also turn himself into a sporty boy with his street fashion style. Let's take a look!

Mr Faisu lifestyle 12
He has a great sense of fashion

Mr. Faisu is well-known for having a good sense of fashion. He knows exactly what to do when it comes to pairing items.

Mr Faisu Dress 3
He knows how to combine items with his dress.

On top of that, he also never fails to catch everyone’s attention every time he shows up with his unique outfits. Whether it is traditional or western style, he can rock them all.

Mr Faisu Dress
From full black overall
Mr Faisu Dress 2
To stylish green outfit

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Mr Faisu car

Mr. Faisu success came so quickly that even he felt overwhelmed.

Mr Faisu
Mr. Faisu has just purchased a Rs 5 crore BMW after soaring into one of the hottest social media influencers of India

In retrospect, he said that he would have never imagined in just one year, from struggling to make ends meet, he is now able to afford a BMW. Yes, It’s true. He has recently purchased a BMW for his family. Mr. Faisu’s story is such an inspiration for those who are still striving to achieve their goals.

Mr Faisu Lifestyle 13
Most Mr Faisu cars we see in photos are just for photography, his is a BMW.

Check out Mr. Faisu inspiring rags to riches story of how he soars into hottest TikTok star India!

Mr Faisu lifestyle is obviously the ideal one all of us are dreaming of, from a big house, fancy car to a beautiful girlfriend. He sets a great model to the youth as the one who pursued his dream and lives his best life.

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