Mr. Faisu Rags To Riches Story: From ₹50 Daily Wages To Fancy Rs 5 Crore BMW, How The Indian TikTok Star Makes Dream Come True?

Bhavna Acharya |May 14, 2020

Recently, Mr. Faisu spilled the beans on the media about his inspiring story from a boy who worked 12 hour a day to earn 50 rupees to the most famous TikTok star in India. Keep reading for the details.

TikTok fans are no strangers to Faisal Shaikh a.k.a Mr. Faisu who rose into one of the most followed TikTok users in India thanks to his viral lip-sync and funny videos. The 27-year-old handsome boy who comes from Mumbai stuns his followers with fancy appearance, infectious smiles, and a great sense of humor.

Not too long after rising shooting into stardom, Mr. Faisu keeps making headlines for purchasing luxury houses and cars. However, not many people know that the top powerful social influencer of India used to work 12 hours a day to earn ₹50. Recently, Mr. Faisu spilled the beans on the media about his story from rags to riches. Keep reading for the details.

Mr Faisu
Mr. Faisu is one of the most sought after social influencers in India with a huge fan base

Working as a salesman for ₹50 a day

In fact, Faisal Shaikh has been supporting his dad for his family’s nightie business since he was a young boy. However, the business was small and demanding that he applied to be a salesman for a perfume with the daily wage was about ₹50. Life was hard at that time as he was still in college and had to manage the balance between his work and study. Shaikh woke up at 6AM in the morning to study and work and only went to sleep at 2 AM.

However, life was struggling for the young man as he was fired after accidentally dropping a whopping ₹12000 worth perfume bottle. At that time, his father’s business also went down that they were unable to afford his mother's medical bill and treatment which left Faisal Shaikh end up crying so hard. 

Mr Faisu 07
He sets a great example for young people for pursuing success in a different way

He keeps going on

Faisal Shaikh didn’t give up. He started finding a new job while learning to make funny videos online with his friend. Since his first video which is a collaboration with his team called ‘Team 07’, Faisal Shaikh has been going non-stop to make a dozen videos a day. They kept making an average of 14 videos a day for a year. Most of them are dance and lip-sync videos. 

Faisal Shaikh along with his team started to gain popularity on the internet. He was recognized by people on the street as ‘the guy on TikTok’. His parents, however, are unhappy about it. They wanted him to focus on his study and finish the MBA instead of being an ‘unpaid hero’. 

Mr Faisu
Mr Faisu makes headlines for purchasing a BMW which cost a whopping Rs 5 crore

Mr. Faisu and the rise into a TikTok star

Despite his family protest, Mr. Faisu held a strong belief that he was on the right track to make it big. After one of his videos went viral and hit 10M views overnight. His popularity soared up incredibly with millions of more followers and he started going to events and shows. 

At the moment, Mr. Faisu is the second most-followed TikTok star in India with more than 25M followers. He also works as a model, social influencer and runs his own business which is a deodorant brand. From a young boy who earned ₹50 a day, he is now able to buy a fancy BMW and luxury house after just one year. There is no doubt Mr. Faisu is having a life that most of us can only dream about.

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