Most Ingenious Ways Students In The World Use To Cheat In Exams

Salena Harshini |Mar 04, 2021

Ingenious! The collection of how to cheat in exams includes the viral snaps of students and their tricks to pass their exams around the world.

This gallery is a compilation of how some students will go to any limit in order to graduate with the highest grades.

After a round of picture selection from all over the world, we have captured the most ingenious ways on how to cheat in exams by students. Need some tips to survive on your intense exams? Here are some clues you may want to take note of. However, you did not hear it from me.

Sometimes, having your nails done actually helps

While having nails done, especially the long ones may prevent you from chores like dish washing, making some food. However, who knows it could be one of the best (and evilest) way to get some good grades.

Answers On Nails
Writing formulas on nails might help be a method some would want to try.

This example shows a woman who covered math calculations on her fingernails.

The art of tricking the eyes

The photo went viral in Asia quite a long time ago. The bloke could have appeared like he was exceptionally focusing on his exam paper.

Fake Arm For The Rescue
We wonder where this boy is now?

However, an eagle-eyed somehow spotted him using his phone under the desk.

Mobile in a calculator? Cheating in exams to another level

Many know that any electrical devices are forbidden in the exam room. However, they may not know how to sneak it in.

Mobile In Calculator
How to cheat in exam? Combine your calculator and phone!

Well, a student managed to hide their phone in the calculator so that they could access the Internet.

You can even pretend to sneeze?

How to cheat in exams may come in handy to the extent like this tissue. Another individual penned calculations and notes that they might need for the exams on a tissue.

Tissue And Answers
the notes on this tissue may be too random, but this is what you can take away from basically.

Smart, but you may need more luck.

At this level, you may have to admit that the determination to win an exam is immaculate.

Cheating With Shoes
Any brand with this kind of shoes would sell out in no time.

A person was so determined to pass the exam as they carved many math calculations under their shoes.

Why water bottles are forbidden in exams

This picture shows an individual turning the answers into dietary information on their drink’s label.

Bottle And Cheatinf
The examiner must have really good eyesight to recognize this.

It might be the reason some countries do not allow exam takers to take a water bottle with labels into the room.

There is some risk to this method

A student wrote some notes in invisible ink. However, they were caught when the examiner shined the blue light on their paper.

Invisible Inl
Oops... not anyone can get away with cheating.

This is so smart it hurts my brain

There are no injuries! A student might be too worried they would forget the answer to their exams. That’s why they faked some wounds and hid the clues under a plaster.

Underneath A Plaster
Looks hurt but actually healing.

Some can replace dresses with shorts, if possible…

Two ladies shared on social media after the exam, unveiling that they had stuck some answer sheets under their skirts. They stuck important information to remember on their thighs.

Hide Answers Under Skirts
They hide answers under their skirts

Simple but effective

Pens can come in handy not only for writing but also for cheating. Another student put a folded note around the ink cartridge in the pen in case they could not figure out the answer to a problem.

Who Knows Pen Can Save You In This Situation
You can also use pens in an extended way.

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