Sadak 2 Became The Most Disliked Trailer On Youtube, What Does Mahesh Bhatt Say About This?

Salena Harshini |Aug 13, 2020

Within a couple of days of release, Sadak 2 trailer has garnered the biggest number of dislikes on Youtube. Check out what Mahesh Bhatt comments on this.

Sadak 2, the latest work of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, is in the eye of controversy storm even though it has not been released yet. The trailer of the movie, his first mutual work with his younger child Alia Bhatt, went on floors on Wednesday and has instantly become the video with most dislikes on Youtube in less than one day later.

Sadak 2
Sadak 2 is the most hated trailer on Yiutube at the moment

At the time of writing, the Sadak 2 trailer has got 6 million dislikes over 20 million views. The ratio between the likes and dislikes are extremely unfavorable as there have only been 330 thousand accounts pushed the thumbs-up button for this video.

For the unknown, a campaign aiming to make Sadak 2 trailer the most disliked trailer on the streaming platform was started in the days prior to its release, by Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans. The actor passed away on June 14 and fans have been following the conspiracy theory that the late actor was under pressure because of the movie industry, most eminently by “insiders”. That lad Sushant to taking his own life.

Mahesh Bhatt is the director of the new film, starring his two daughters

A number of days before the release of the Sadak 2 trailer, Mahesh Bhatt had noted a message for fans through his elder progeny Pooja Bhatt. He said,

“Today as we begin the last leg of our journey. I feel unshackled! I carry no burden, no weight. No reputation to hold on to. No mission to accomplish. Nothing to prove to anyone. If the film works it belongs to all of you. If it does not, it’s mine.”

Sadak 2 is the sequel to the 1991 movie starring Pooja and Sanjay Dutt. The film will hit the screens on Disney+ Hotstar on 28 August. The movie was supposed to grace the cinemas but producer Mukesh Bhatt shared that they had to choose the streaming route as the global coronavirus pandemic leads to the shutdown of several industries, consisting of film.

Sadak 2 1
"Sadak 2" cast with Mahesh Bhatt

The recent Netflix movie starring Janhvi Kapoor, Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, has also been under trolls for the same reason. The new movie’s IMDb score are being attacked.

You can watch Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl offline here to see how it is.

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