Where Are TikTok Stars & What They Do For Living After The Ban Of Chinese Apps In India?

Hanima Anand |Jul 08, 2020

Check what these hottest TikTok stars are doing after the ban of TikTok in India! While some manage to find a way, some have resorted to the extreme steps.

After the official ban of Chinese apps in India came to effects, TikTok was removed from Indian app stores while TikTok users quickly rush to other Indian alternatives with TikTok-like features. Alongside TikTok owner, the main bearer of tremendous economic loss, many Indian TikTok stars also suffer from the sudden ban. The Chinese video sharing platform is the huge source of income to famous young adults in India, namely Jannat Zubair, Mr. Faisu, Avneet Kaur or Riyaz Ali. So, what would they do without their main income source?

Let’s see how these Indian TikTok stars survive the ban and what they are doing to earn their money back!

Indian Tiktok Stars After The Ban 1
Jannat Zubair is the most-followed TikTok stars on Instagram after the ban.

Jannat Zubair

Jannat Zubair is the very first name people are curious about after the ban. She is one of the hottest TikTok stars in India who also joined several TV projects. Jannat Zubair TikTok gained over 20 million followers, that’s to say how much she may earn from each post on this platform. However, after the ban, all her efforts in building such a popular account were in vain.

Having said that, Jannat Zubair doesn’t rely only on TikTok to earn money. She got a Youtube channel that focuses mostly on make-up tips as well as a popular Instagram as well.

Indian Tiktok Stars After The Ban 2
The young starlet is famous for her make-up tutorials on Youtube.

Jannat Zubair Youtube channel has got 1.84 million subscribers while Jannat Instagram reaches up to 17.3 million followers. Since the ban of TikTok in India, Jannat Zubair Rahmani is much more active on her Instagram account. Cute videos of Jannat Zubair and her brother are also uploaded on both Instagram and Youtube.

She updated more photos daily and quickly got back her fans from TikTok. The teen idol has just released her Hey Girl record and will appear in Grove With Ubon virtual dancing competition this month.

Riyaz Aly

Similar to Jannat Zubair, Riyaz Aly turns to his Instagram account after the TikTok ban. However, the boy hasn’t collected as many fans as before on the Chinese video editing app. Currently, Riyaz Aly Instagram is followed by 8.5 million people, including the talented singer Neha Kakkar.

Indian Tiktok Stars After The Ban 4
Riyaz Aly is actively involved in music projects with Neha Kakkar.

Riyaz uploads more photos on a daily basis than Jannat, but he didn’t pay attention to build the account before so it may take him even years to get back 30 million followers as in his prime time on TikTok.

Riyaz Aly hasn’t had his official Youtube channel yet. At the moment, his products with Neha Kakkar or Avneet Kaur are mainly uploaded by Desi Music Factory.

Indian Tiktok Stars After The Ban 3
It may take Riyaz months or year to get back 30 million followers as before.

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Mr. Faisu

Unlike the previous TikTok star, Mr. Faisu 07 or Faisal Shaikh has obtained a great number of Instagram followers before the ban. He has 12.6 million followers in total with nearly 2,000 posts on Mr_Faisu_07 account already.

However, he is just a newcomer to the Youtube world. His channel was just set up one month ago with 4 videos uploaded. He collected 861K subscribers though.

Indian Tiktok Stars After The Ban 5
Mr. Faisu used to be rumored dating Jannat Zubair.

With this pace, Mr. Faisu will quickly become a popular Youtuber in India and can earn a great deal from this world’s largest video sharing platform. This is not encouragement but an affirmation if you know Mr. Faisu rags-to-riches story.

Avneet Kaur

Another Indian TikTok star that has a massive number of followers is Avneet Kaur who was competing the title Indian TikTok Queen with Jannat Zubair.

Indian Tiktok Stars After The Ban 6
Avneet Kaur is co-operating with Riyaz Aly in some Neha Kakkar products.

Though she hasn’t got as many fans as Jannat, Avneet Kaur Instagram is also followed by 11.8 million people, Neha Kakkar included. This girl is investing into her newly setup Youtube channel as well. With more than 10 videos, Avneet Kaur has gathered over 917K subscribers for just 2 months.

This used-to-be TikTok star is also co-starring Riyaz Aly in several music products.

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What about other TikTok stars?

Due to the Indian ban of TikTok, most TikTok stars had to switch to other online social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. To be specific, Instagram and Youtube are the most popular choices because these two platforms allow easy video upload.

Instagram Reels from Facebook, a TikTok-like feature is also being tested for Indian market, which promises a huge potential to replace the Chinese platform in this country.

However, not all TikTok stars could move on. Some couldn’t think positively after losing thousands of followers. Building a popular account on Instagram and Youtube is not easy either.

The heartbreaking death of Sia Kakkar left the entire TikTok star community in gloom. Sia Kakkar is just 16 years old and emerging as a young talented TikTok content creator. Her Instagram gathers more than 255k followers at the time she ended her life.

Riyaz Aly and some other TikTok stars were shocked at the news.

Above are our updates on the life of Indian TikTok stars after the government ban on this Chinese app. Hope you guys will continue supporting these young talents on other platforms as Instagram or Youtube. They deserve that!

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