HiPi App From Zee5 - What Are Challenges For This Indian App To Replace TikTok?

Hanima Anand |Jul 03, 2020

After the Indian ban on Chinese apps including TikTok, Zee5 has quickly jumped at the opportunity to promote its upcoming short video platform. Get details for the Indian made HiPi app and read analysis on the potentials of HiPi below!

Just a few days after the Indian ban on Chinese apps such as TikTok or Shareit, Indian companies are rushing to introduce domestic applications for Indian people, hoping they can replace those foreign apps in this 1-billion-population market. Hipi app is one of the latest Indian made products to replace TikTok. It is developed by Zee5, the owner of more than 90 live TV channels in the country.

Below are what we got about HiPi app launch date as well as surrounding information.

What is HiPi app?

According to Zee5, HiPi is a short video platform for Indian creators. The company is proud to create a ‘youthful and carefree planet’ for local creators to express themselves freely.

At the moment, HiPi is still in its final stage of completion before launch. It’s also inviting Indian creators to send their official profile to get fame on the arrival of HiPi.

Hipi App 1
The app is promoted as the No.1 replacement for TikTok.

When is HiPi app launch date?

Zee5 hasn’t announced the exact date for HiPi app yet, but it’s probably to be launched in the early July when Indian teenagers are looking for an alternative of TikTok. Zee5 won’t let the chance to be grabbed by their other competitors at this moment.

On their official page two days ago, they also posted video and banner to promote HiPi. This is the signal that HiPi app launch date is within week to come out. Here’s the announcement post from HiPi developer.

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Could HiPi gain such popularity as TikTok in India?

The question is hard to ponder at this time when the app hasn’t been launched yet. However, we have some scenarios for HiPi after it’s introduced, based on the current situation and previous experience of other similar Indian apps.

Hipi App 2
Could Zee5 HiPi dominate the Indian market as TikTok used to?

First, if HiPi features are not excellent, there’s no need to think further. It’s out of the game.

Considering the emerging number of Indian apps that wait in the line to be the next TikTok in this country, an average application won’t have the chance to dominate the market. Remember we already have Roposo, Mitro and Chingari in the race.

On July 3, Roposo has gained over 50 million downloads from Google Play while Chingari has gathered more than 10 million.

In this case, HiPi may be able to surpass Mitro (10,000+ downloads) and rank number 3 on the board, if no player comes into the game anymore.

Hipi App 3
Such available apps as Roposo and Chingari pose challenges to HiPi.

Second, if HiPi is a quality video platform, it stands a high chance of leading the market, exceeding the coverage of Roposo. Why would we say so?

HiPi is launched by Zee5, the app that gained over 150 million users worldwide with a massive coverage on OTT platform and streaming media. Though it’s just been launched 2 years ago, Zee5 is a formidable rival of any media company in India.

With this backup, HiPi has an advantage of promotion over other competitors. Should it have quality features, HiPi can benefit from an enormous number of users from Zee5.

However, it’s challenging for HiPi to reach such a popularity as TikTok. It’s not because of the features of the app itself, it’s also about the trend setters.

TikTok involves an incredible number of global creators who contribute to the viral trends on this platform. Indian creators also adopted many of these worldwide video patterns in local styles, so if HiPi can only dominate the domestic market, it may not be as popular as TikTok for not being able to keep up with the global trends.

All things considered, Starbiz.com believes that HiPi app will be welcomed by Indian creators who are always looking forward to an Indian video app. Despite challenges ahead, let’s hope HiPi can bring Indian apps closer to local youths as well as the global creators out there.

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