Failling To Get A Job, Man Spends $17,000 On Plastic Surgery To Change His Look

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 09, 2021

After being made fun of, a young man spentt all of his savings on plastic surgery and his transformation is amazing. Scroll down for more details!

Gaining thousands of followers on his social media handles for his impressive looks, Vietnamese social star Do Quyen recently took his fans by storm for revealing his natural appearance before taking plastic surgeries.

The young man revealed that he underwent 9 surgeries in the past years and got a completely different appearance. What is his reason behind the shocking transformation? Keep reading to find out!

Cosmetic Surgery2
a before and after look of Do Quyen after going through big plastic surgeries

Being laughed at by interviewers

Being a young small-town boy who moved to the city to seek jobs, Do Quyen had a hard time finding a suitable job just because of his attractive look. According to the social star, he felt disappointed as he was laughed at by the interviewers.

At that moment, he realized the importance of appearance in one’s career. Although it depends more on skills and abilities, it will be easier for both men and women to become successful if they have an attractive look.

Cosmetic Surgery3
He confessed that he was laughed at by an interviewed because of his appearance

Do Quyen did several jobs at the same time for years to save up money for plastic surgery as his family is not really wealthy. For years, he has undergone nine different surgeries and had most of his facial parts changed from his nose, eyes, chins, eyelids to porcelain veneers.

Thanks to his stunning appearance, Do Quyen has become a social media star in cyberspace. In addition to that, he also started up his own cosmetic brand from his savings. The 26-year-old young man has a reputation for his attractive look and a successful business which inspires many youngsters in the country.

Cosmetic Surgery4
The ugly duckling transformed into a handsome boy

His parents didn’t recognize him after the surgeries

The young star also revealed that he went straight on major surgeries and only returned home when all of the processes were completed. His parents didn’t recognize their own child after he got his face retouched. Although it could be expected, the young man was so sad that he couldn’t hold back his tears.

Cosmetic Surgery5
He is also a successful businessman with a popular cosmetic brand

Apart from the compliments from his fans and followers, Quyen also receives some negative comments from people who are against “fake beauty”. However, the social star responds to these comments with a positive attitude, saying his standard of beauty is when you look at yourself in the mirror and feel confident.

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