TikTok & Instagram Model Sells Pics On Saucy Web To Help Pay Her Parents’ Rent, Has Their ‘Full Support’

Salena Harshini |Mar 18, 2021

Alexis Griswold is a sensational model on Instagram and she is selling hot pics on OnlyFans to earn money. Her parents fully support her, FYI.

Alexis Griswold is a Los Angeles-based Instagram model and Tiktok star. Having thousands of followers on the platforms, she has ventured into a new network during the pandemic, OnlyFans.

The subscription service is known for its saucy content from users. And “fans” will pay to offer photos, videos, or even chat one-on-one.

Her parents support her in working on OnlyFans

In fact, the girl has had over 211 thousand followers on Instagram and 473 thousand on TikTok.

Alexis Griswold
She started joining OnlyFans to earn money.

She shared with LADbible that she started using the new social network during the pandemic that broke out one year ago.

The 22-year-old now amasses more than 600 subscribers who pay every month. According to what she shared, she does help her parents and send them some money.

Moreover, they really support her to do this. She said,

"I'm really thankful for that. My family, luckily, is really supportive. And they just trust my judgment and how I like to present myself, and they're really supportive of it. So I'm grateful for that."

Alexis Griswold 2
Her parents do not oppose this as she is helping them pay rent.

Talking about her account on OnlyFans, Griswold revealed that some friends of hers have made comments on it.

Knowing the “bad reputation” application has, she said,

"I try to just like not let that get to me and explain to them the bigger picture about it."

She explained, "I feel like it's almost changing with how everyone is starting to use it for different things, other than what it was perceived to be as."

Alexis Griswold 3
Not many of her friends like the fact that she is on OnlyFans.

She says people should change their mind on the app to be "successful"

Also, the model felt like everyone’s perspectives are changing on this and OnlyFans is not as bad as when it first came out.

Alexis Griswold admitted that the application began as something more sensual than a fan platform like it was supposed to be.

Nevertheless, she feels that the "influencer community has kind of taken over it now and it's starting to become something different."

Alexis Griswold 4
Alexis Griswold frequently shares photos of herself to Instagram.

The young lady also spilled the beans that she has to put a lot of work into her account. Again with her sharing, she said that it is not a nine-to-five job where she wakes up and somebody tells her to be here at this and that time.

"You have to put in the work yourself, and it's all on you.

"So it's definitely a lot more work than people perceive it to be."

Anyone with a “right mindset” would also find success on the social network as she does.

Crystal Jackson mother
A mother also made headlines with her activities on OnlyFans before.

In the meantime, a mother also makes a lot on OnlyFans with the help of her husband. However, her activities led to an unexpected consequence for her sons.

The mother also earns a great sum each month and even gives it away as she 'earns too much.'

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