Tiktok Sensation Riyaz Aly - How He Lives His Luxurious Life To The Fullest

Leela Adwani |May 13, 2020

Riyaz Aly lifestyle is adored by millions of young females across the country and the role model of the millennials. Here is how he forms his fashion statements!

Riyaz Aly, who made it to the top 5 Indian TikTok stars at the age of 17, enjoys the overwhelming limelight that a lot of people wish for. Known for being one of the biggest TikTok stars with more than 30 million followers on this video-sharing platform, Riyaz is also touted as the King of Indian Tiktok. He is adored by millions of young females across the country and the role model of the millennials. That stands to the reason that Riyaz Aly lifestyle or everything about his life turns out to be the talk of the town.

If you wish to follow his style to be more fashionable, here is the best collection of his hairstyle and fashion statements, brought to you by Starbiz.com!

1. Riyaz Aly Hairstyle - Undercut Never Fails

As he is a household name among the Indian youngsters, not only does Riyaz get so much love for his funny and creative videos on Tiktok but also his style. The teenager is also famous for another title – fashion blogger. Yes, Riyaz has a great sense of fashion and always takes care of how he looks, always ensure an on-point appearance, even his hairdo.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle 3
Undercut is his go-to hairdo

Riyaz Aly lifestyle is always a topic discussed right, left and center on social media and there are no two ways about it. However, his hairstyle is loved by many.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle
He sometimes dyes his hair

Scrolling down his Instagram’s grid, it’s not hard to know that the 17-year-old sticks to undercut hairstyle. It’s not far off the mark to say he has a good choice as this hairdo works best on him.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle 2
He looks super cool with this hairstyle

For those who are unversed, undercut is the go-to hairstyle of millions of trendy and stylish men across the world. Be it a teen boy or a middle-aged man, undercut is still one of the most common choices for the men.

We bet many of you don’t know that the undercut is a hairstyle that started becoming a trend from the 1910s to the 1940s, of course, predominantly among men. It witnessed a steady growth in the 1980s before fully being all the rage again in 2010s and even until now. Basically, the hair on the top of the head is typically long and it’s parted on either the center or side. It's safe to say Riyaz Aly lifestyle is all about trendy and fashionable.

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2. Riyaz T-shirt - His favorite item

Other than the title “youth sensation”, Riyaz is also called Tiktok champ, Tiktok muser. He is relatively charming and usually collaborates with other celebrity Tiktokers. Apart from his viral lip-synced videos, Riyaz Aly is also a true fashionista and Riaz Aly T-shirt collection has never ceased to inspire us.

Black and white seem to his favorite colors. However, if there is anyone who knows how to turn simple things to high-fashion ones, the Riyaz T-shirt is a case in point.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle 5
He usually mixes T-shirt with a bomber jacket
Riyaz Aly Lifestyle 6
Or with a shirt outside

He usually mixes his basic tees with black pants and the most common one is to team up with a shirt or a jacket outside. It goes without saying that he looks nothing short of super-cool.

While many people shower praises on his style, his body, little know that his body weight was 90 kg. As his schoolmates usually teased him about it, he then started gymming when he was 14 years old before earning the massive popularity on social media. The fat-to-thin journey about Riyaz Aly height has been a source of inspiration for many.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle 4
Black and white seem to be his go-to colors

His tee-shirts simply are really basic without many printed details. Yes, he sets the ultimate example for “less is more.”

3. Riyaz Aly Jackets - Denim & Bombers

If you love Riyaz Aly lifestyle, you may love his fashion sense. If you love Riyaz’s western and modern style, then you will definitely love his jackets. Little do we know that Riyaz’s jackets are topping the trending topics.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle Jacket
Denim jacket seems to be his favorite

His favorites are denim jackets and bombers which are two of the most-loved pieces of clothes among the youngsters. It’s not wrong to say people started following not only because of his already established fame but also his style.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle Jacket 2
He has a lot of bombers in his wardrobe

Speaking of Riyaz Aly biography and his favorite actors, the fact is that he is a big fan of Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Varun Dhawan and Kartik Aaryan who are also known to be stylish celebrities in the B-town. It seems like his fashion style is influenced by them.

4. Riyaz Aly watch - Notice its chain color!

Watch is an indispensable item to many and Riyaz is no exception. There are a lot of compelling reasons that every man should wear a watch. Riyaz seems to understand all of them.

This is not to mention the fact that he ranks No 2 in Top 5 Most Popular TikTok Stars in India, so watches can't be missed inside his fashion collection.

Riaz Aly Lifestyle Watch 2
You can see Riaz Aly watch in almost every photo he takes.

Watches are very convenient. Remember that phones don’t keep us punctual but watches do.

Riaz Aly Watches
Another two watches in Riaz Aly collection

However, apart from its obvious functions, a watch also makes a man look more fashionable. A lot of people also consider it an important accessory item as it displays their sense of style and is also a form of self-expression.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle Watch
He is a big fan of apple watch

As you may notice, Riaz often chooses a watch chain whose color matches his shirt. For example, in both pictures above and below, the watch chain color is the same as his top's.

Riaz Aly Lifestyle Photo
Riaz often goes for a ton-sur-ton style in fashion photoshoot.

5. Riyaz shoes - Branding matters!

Riyaz Aly photos showing his shoes usually take no time to go viral on the Internet. Owning a shoe collection is one of the most common hobbies of many and that's somehow a part of Riyaz Aly lifestyle. His go-to brands are Adidas, Nike, FILA and it’s not wrong to say shoes seem to boost confidence.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle 8
His favorite FILA shoes
Riyaz Aly Lifestyle Shoes
Another one

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6. More about Riyaz Aly luxury lifestyle

The high-school student Tiktok star once again proves him living his life king-size with his extremely expensive items. Yes, in his teenage, Riyaz could buy a Mercedes-Benz car which cost us an arm and a leg.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle 9
He owns a luxurious car at a very young age

Not just this he also has another interest in the motorcycle. The Tiktoker also has yet another luxurious item, Royal Enfield Motorcycle. Turns out, this bike is also his favorite companion as he loves traveling on his motorcycle. Riyaz Aly lifestyle becomes the hot topic of discussion once again as rarely do we know anyone can purchase such expensive items in their teenage.

Riyaz Aly Lifestyle 7
He loves traveling on his bike

Set aside Riyaz Aly lifestyle, some unknown secrets about this young celebrity also draw much attention.

  • We usually call him with the name Riyaz Aly but his real name is actually Riyaz Afreen.
  • He also has a sister and she is also a famous star on Tiktok. In an interview, he revealed that whatever he has achieved in his life so far was because of his sister.

Riyaz Aly lifestyle always fulfills the curiosity of the public, especially Indian Tiktok fans. Hope with our compilation, it may help you familiarize yourself with him.

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