Jannat Zubair - Transformation From A Child Star To Ultimate Sensation Of Tik Tok And Indian TV

Salena Harshini |Apr 06, 2020

Jannat Zubair initially began her career as a child artist and has garnered more immense attention for numerous super hit Tik Tok videos.

Everybody who has come across some TikTok videos online probably has seen Jannat Zubair Rahmani. She is one of the most popular young phenomena who create lots of viral trends among Gen Z and often known as a trademark Jannat Zubair Tik Tok. The beautiful social media sensation has constantly been in the news for her videos, sizzling outfits, and stunning photos.

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok15
Jannat Zubair Tik Tok star is extremely mainstream among Indian youngsters

Without further ado, let’s round off the reasons why Jannat Zubair Tik Tok has become so famous as well as learning about Jannat Zubair biography, personal life, and her lesser-known facts.

1. Jannat Zubair Tik Tok - Who is she?

Jannat Zubair initially shot to fame as a hugely famous child actor in the Indian TV industry. She has gained even more popularity with Jannat Zubair Tik Tok videos which makes her especially popular among young girls and boys in India.

She is often recalled for her stellar performance in top mainstream Hindi TV series

For the unversed, she is among the few stars whose TikTok account has more than 20 million followers. This milestone has not been achieved by many Bollywood stars on the platform.

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok Young Photos
Clearly Jannat Zubair is already a beauty since she was a kid

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok now has 21.5 million fans and 519 million hearts with 800 videos in total.

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok10
Her TikTok account has millions of followers

You can find her on Tik Tok application at @jannat_zubair29

  • Jannat Zubair Biography

Born on August 29, 2001, Jannat Zubair age is only 19 yet she is already an influential TikTok star and TV actress.

Her height is approximately 155cm, not an impressive one but she has an absolutely appealing face.

Jannat Zubair Tiktok age and height
A small but powerful girl, isn’t she?

Also, Jannat Zubair family has a connection with the entertainment world as her father, Zubair Ahman Rahmani, is also a famous TV actor.

Jannat Zubair mother, however, seems to live a low-profile life as her information hasn't been published on media. She was seen in some Jannat Zubair family photos but not much was revealed about this woman.

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok Family Photos
A rare pic of Jannat Zubair and brother with mom.

According to our reports, Jannat's mother is Mrs. Nazneen Rahmani. She used to voice several times on media about her daughter. The most recent one was about the kissing scene between Jannat and Ritvik in Tu Aashiqui serials.

Mrs. Nazneen was annoyed and argued with the producers to disapprove it.

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Jannat Zubair Tik Tok4
Her dad and brother also work in the entertainment world

Meanwhile, her younger brother is a child artist who has been in quite many films such as acclaimed film Gully Boy, Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan among others. Jannat Zubair brother's name is Ayaan Zubair Rahmani.

She also has a sister who was just born this year. However, there's no information about the baby yet.

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok photos
This girl is now a big sister!
  • Jannat Zubair Youtube channel

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok is not the only online platform where you can keep everything of her updated. The star also creates a Youtube Channel which has collects more than 1 million subscribers until this moment.

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok3
Jannat Zubair Youtube channel is no less popular

On the channel, Jannat often posts vlogs on her daily routine, Q&As, photoshoots behind-the-scenes and more.

Here is Jannat Zubair Youtube channel for you to subscribe to.

  • Jannat Zubair Instagram

It really seems that Jannat’s famous social media accounts not just stop at TikTok and Youtube. Jannat Zubair Instagram also has a big number of followers. The posts flaunting her admirable fashion sense and pretty everyday snaps grab a lot of attention from fans.

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok2
With this beauty, no wonder why she has so many fans

She has had 15.2 million Instagram followers as of late. Check out her Instagram account at @jannatzubair29

2. Jannat Zubair Tiktok - More Facts & Photos

You have just read basic information about this Tiktok superstar, now let's take a look at some other Jannat Zubair Tiktok's facts and photos that you probably have not known about.

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok images
Check out some Jannat Zubair facts that may interest you

Besides television, Jannat Zubair also works in the Bollywood industry. In 2018, she debuted in B-town as Rani Mukherji’s on-screen student in Hitchki.

For the uninitiated, the young lady is very close to her father and it is he who inspired her to be an artist.

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Jannat Zubair looking beautiful in her body-hugging dress

The actress has won multiple awards, such as Best Child Artiste’ (Female), Best Debut of The Year among others.

Also, Jannat has been doing consecutive music videos. Among others, her Ishq Farzi and Fruity lagdi hai songs have been loved by many.

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok12
The young lady is surely one of the most beautiful sensations of Gen Z

Back in 2018, she was allegedly asked to film some intimate scenes with Tu Aashiqui’s lead actor. But she refused that offer because she did not feel comfortable with it and it was also not appropriate for her age.

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok11
When babyface decides to rock in red

Owing to Jannat’s impressive acting career and work on social media, Jannat Zubair Rahmani’s income is about 1.5 lakh which builds Jannat Zubair net worth to approximately Rs 7 crores (equal to $1 million).

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok7
The TikTok star will make things big in the time coming

Moreover, Jannat Zubair even has her own app which was launched in November 2018. The Jannat Zubair Rahmani Official app is designed to share her regular updates.

During these days of lockdown, let's check how this girl is doing with her daily routine!

Jannat Zubair Tik Tok star surely has a big impact on the young generation nowadays. What is certain is she will shine even brighter in the future with her talents and diligent work.

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