Top 4 Indian Bridal Jewelry Trends For Modern Brides in 2019

Kaira Immre |Oct 29, 2019

Wedding season is once again creeping up on us, which means it’s time for shopping, especially with brides. If you’re overwhelmed with too many things to choose, top 4 Indian bridal jewelry trends below may be useful for you.

It’s true when saying that the wedding is the most beautiful and attractive day for every bride. From the wedding dress, hairstyle to makeup layer, all the things need to be chosen perfectly.

For most Indian brides, the common question is where to start with bridal jewelry shopping? Because there’re too many choices, we’re here to help you narrow the options with the top 4 Indian bridal jewelry trends in 2019.

Mattha patti

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If you’re interested in a traditional wedding outfit, mattha patti is the most ideal choice for you. Inspired from Mughals' way, created with sparkling stone, gold or diamond, mattha patti will surely help you become the center of the crowd. This Indian bridal jewelry will complete your beauty!

Multi-layer necklace

Indian Bridal Kundan Jewelry Set
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The multi-layer necklace is the most perfect combination of fashion and tradition. This type of Indian bridal jewelry often has more than 4 layers that bring us a royal looking.

It is made from kundan, stone, or pearl, which makes you shining in your dreamed day. Moreover, your outfit will be more flawless if combining with a wedding dress like a lehenga. Be sure!

Nose ring

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When the time passes, a nose ring is no longer a popular Indian bridal jewelry, especially among modern brides, but only those who wear it know that it is never out of date. A nose ring not only enhances the bridal look but also sparkles up their faces.

However, the nose ring has many sizes, so you need to consider your face shape and choose the best one for yourself.

Ethical engagement rings

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To choose a great engagement ring, you should consider both human rights and environmental concerns. The diamond exploitation has a long history of conflict and miners are frequently denied fair wages, health, and safety assurance.

Therefore, if you’re a socially conscious bride-to-be, an ethnic wedding ring that is made of fair trade or recycled gold would be the greatest jewelry for you. Currently, there’re so many famous branches providing you with the best one, so this bridal trend for 2019 seems to come back!

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