Delhi Crime Web Series Download: The Nirbhaya Case Story Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Salena Harshini |Sep 15, 2020

Re-enacting the process of finding the 2012 gang rape culprits, "Delhi Crime" reveals the dark side and soulless mentality of the criminal mindset. Watch now!

Delhi Crime is one of the most highly-credited 2019 web series starring Rasika Dugal, Shefali Shah, Rajesh Tailang, and Adil Hussain. Set in the aftermath of the real-life gang rape in Delhi in 2012, the series attracted a lot of attention and Delhi Crime web series download has not stopped being looked after ever since the series was released.

Delhi Crime
The Delhi Crime web series focuses on the process to find the culprits of the 2012 Delhi gang rape case

The series takes place after the 2012 case in the Munirka neighborhood in South Delhi. It traces down the story where Vartika Chaturvedi, Deputy Commissioner of Police is assigned to find to culprits in connection to the assaults and demise of the female victim.

Taking inspiration from the case that sent a shock wave through the country for its brutality, Delhi Crime is not a regular cat-an-mouse game. This case makes the whole world stunned and made Indians grace the streets for protests. Download Delhi Crime web series and you will see yourself back to that haunting 2012 winter.

Delhi Crime 2

With the Delhi Crime web series download, the viewers will see the case through the perspective of the DCP (Shefali Shah), a stern police officer with a warm heart. The first few minutes into the very first episode, Deepika, who got gang-raped in a bus and Akash, her injured friend, were seen lying on the side of the road prior to the arrival of Ram Pratap (Asif Ali Khan) – the head constable. The scene will make you shudder while setting the series’ entire tone.

The most gripping factor of the series is that we are already aware so much of what happened yet we still want to dig in every deet to fathom the criminal mind. When the chief suspect defiantly, coldly tells the version of his story, it makes your stomach tighten and makes you feel strongly disturbed.

Delhi Crime 1
Check out Delhi Crime web series download below!

The task force of DCP Vartika head out in disperse path and directions, in search of the accused. With the Delhi Crime web series download, you will also be able to see the subtle commentaries on the political-economic-socio conditions that you live in as well as how they affect the police force via the whole investigation’s realistic chronicle.

From defying politicians who act as a deterrent in this case to coping with red-tapism, protests, increasing public pressures, poor infrastructure and even censure from their own family, the series showcase many obstacles they have on their job, including how humble the sum they are paid with and how poorly they are treated sometimes.

You can get the Delhi Crime web series download and watch the highly-appreciated serial now.

Delhi Crime 5
In this series, you will see a more human and vulnerable side to the police

The Delhi Crime web series is well-edited and fast-paced and rarely deviated from the story. Get Delhi Crime web series download and you will know how it managed to be gut-twisting without getting gruesome, and heart-breaking without melodrama. Not only the smart writing but it also scores with the impressive performances from both the main and supporting actors.

The role of lead investigator Vartika Chaturvedi played by Shefali Shah is pulled off perfectly. She herself picks a team to do the apprehension process and the search. She is the anchor of the show.

To the director’s credit, Richie Mehta singlehandedly aces the material, staying away from manipulation and sensationalism. The music, cinematography, dialect and locations make this series detailed, immersive, drastically affecting and triggers the audience with hopelessness.

The 2012 gang rape case

The fateful night on December 16, 2012, would always be remembered as a stain of India, a country whose leaders vowed on the empowerment of its women. What took place that night sent the society to unprecedented decadence depth and there could not be a return.

Jyoti Singh Pandey was coming back home with Awindra Pratap Pandey, her friend, after watching a film. As they could not find a conveyance mode at the Munirka bus stop, the two went on a private bus that seemed to be heading to Dwarka, their destination. Little did Jyoti and Awindra know that the six passengers on the bus would make the lives change forever.

Delhi Gang Rape
The victim's mother on the day four convicts were hanged (one committed suicide and one juvenile was released)

On the way, when one passenger stared a quarrel with Awindra, the remaining passengers joined and beat the young man. When the Physiotherapy Intern attempted to defend her friend, the six guys dragged Jyoti to the back of the moving bus and raped her repeatedly. One of those men didn’t stop there. He even violated her with a metal rod and they then threw the two on the roadside to let them die.

The case is a dark chapter in the collective history of India and justice has been prevailed after these inhumane men received their death penalty in March 2020.

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