Wedding Tips: 5 Things In A Wedding Party That Guests Don't Care About

Rose Advani |Jan 10, 2020

For the biggest day of life, you want everything at the wedding must be perfect. However, here are something that Guest doesn’t care much in.

When the wedding day comes, we tend to put all efforts into a perfect wedding which giving much stressful. Guest do not care much on what you think it’s important. We will note down here some unnecessary wedding things you can cut down for not being overloaded on this big day.

By cutting down them, you will get more time to focus on what is important as your feelings. You must note that your wedding guests attend your wedding parting to give you happy wishes and enjoy delicious food.

Here are the things that guests don't care about at your wedding!

Table decor

Table décor should look as simple as possible. All the guests attending the wedding, they care about the bride and groom. And when sitting down the chair to enjoy the wedding party, food is what the care about most. So, you should never put too much time on decorating the table, the more decoration items adding, the more distractions that cause, and waste your time and money.

Wedding Tips
Wedding Table Decor

Thank-you presents

Guests mostly spend their time on the wedding party. And they will retain their feeling at the party only, so thank-you present is not very important.

Thank You Presents
Thank-you presents

Wedding Cake

You just right in a corner when mentioning that a wedding cake is the soul of the wedding party. Who cares about it? The wedding cake must catch the attention of the bride and groom, not guests. Most guests do not care about the wedding cake though how nice it is because they have no time or no chance to look at carefully.

Wedding Tips
Wedding Cake

Wedding Invitation

Certainly, any couple put much of their contraction on their wedding presentation which showing the first impression for guests about the wedding. However, guests do not put their attention on it. They just care about the time and the address where the wedding party will take place.that’s all! So please not putting much time and money into this.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding speeches

We know that meaningful wedding speeches will note the new wife and husband in kind words. However, a long speech will give a negative effect. All attendants easily get bored with a long wedding speech. So, if you are the person who makes a speech on a wedding day, you should keep it short and simple.

Wedding tips
You should not make a long wedding speeche

The wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life that you should not put much stress on your mind excepting the happy feeling alongside your partner and your family. You should simplify these above things that wedding guests will never criticize you about it.


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