5 Classy Bachelorette Party Games For The Bride-To-Be And Her Besties

Bindhiya Nhi |Dec 01, 2019

Grab your besties, prepare the drink and try these 5 classy bachelorette party games that can raise the fun meter to 100%.

Any bride-to-be and her bridesmaids cannot skip one of the most important celebrations before the big day: The bachelorette party! This event is where the besties throw a crazy party for their beloved bride one last time before she is no longer single. Make sure that you do not forget to add some bachelorette party games to spice everything up.

Playing games is the best way to break the ice and solidify your friendship. Scroll down for 5 super fun bachelorette party games that raise your crazy meter to 100% at the bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Treasure Hunt

Bachelorette Party 3

If you want a fun yet challenging brain game, let's go for a treasure hunt at your bachelorette party. It takes time to design this game but it is merely worth your effort. Here are 3 essential steps for this game: Choose an interesting prize, define the treasure hunt boundaries and create the clues.

Being a bridesmaid, you can design the clues based on the bride's fun facts, such as her hobbies or her funny experiences in life. The clues can be created through mini games such as word scramble, riddles or photos without any caption. This treasure hunt game can be memorable with the twists and themes you choose!

Never Have I Ever

Bachelorette Party 5

'Never Have I Ever' is a must-have in almost every party, including your special bachelorette party. It is simply an interesting drinking game that you can try with your besties. Each of you will take turns confessing one thing you have never done in your life. Whoever has done that thing will have to take a shot as a fun punishment.

You can start with the easy one, such as 'I have never crushed my classmate.' Later, take it to another level with tricky, insane things, such as 'I have never kissed a stranger' or 'I have never said I love you without  feeling it.' It's time to expose your besties' darkest secrets!

The Bride-to-be Quiz

Bachelorette Party 2

The bride-to-be quiz for her bridemaids is one of the most classy bachelorette party games. It's time to bring out your competitive side and try to prove how well do you know about our guest of honor.

In this game, the bride can test her besties about some of her personal fun facts. While the bridemaids are trying to fill out as many facts as they can about the bride, everyone can totally create memories and get even closer.

Loose Lips

Bachelorette Party 1

The loose lips game is that one famous game in every bachelorette party. The rule is pretty simple and straightforward: Before the party begins, the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids will come up with several prohibited words. Every time someone says any of these selected words, they have to drink.

Remember to pick the common words that fit the bridal theme, such as "bride", "groom", "wedding", "married" or "bachelorette". This game is merely fun because it involves everyone. The drunker you get, the more difficult it is not to say the prohibited words.

Spin The Bottle

Bachelorette Party 4

You have been playing spin the bottle with your besties since high school. It is even more interesting when playing it with them once again before you walk down the aisle the other day. All the girls simply sits down in a circle and take turns spinning a bottle. Once the bottle stops, the spinner can give a dare to the person facing the mouth of the bottle.

The best part of this game is the dares, obviously. Try to come up with the most insane, embarrassing dares so that everyone can have a good laugh. For example, dare your bestie to moonwalk everywhere she goes, brush the teeth of the person next to her, or say a pick-up line to a random stranger on the street. This game is old but gold as it makes sure your party can end up with a blast.


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