Nayanthara Boyfriends List & A Controversial Dating History: Has Nayanthara Found Her Soulmate?

Salena Harshini |Nov 19, 2020

Nayanratha has an enviable career and a complex dating history that once created storms in the town. See the South actress's boyfriend list here!

Nayanthara is among the finest actresses of the Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu movie industry. With works ranging over a lot of genres, she is famous for her versatility and commitment in her career. Apart from that, she also gains a lot of attention for her controversial, complicated romances. So this is everything about Nayanthara boyfriends, family, movie career that may intrigue you.

Nayanthara boyfriends list will make you surprised

Nayanthara boyfriends

Making her cinema debut in Tamil with Ayya and Telugu with Lakshmi, she has become one of the biggest actresses from the South. In spite of the prosperous acting career, she has had quite a lot of ups and downs in her romantic relationships.


In the first stages of her movie career, the actress was dating Simbu, or Silambarasan, who is also an actor, writer, dancer, composer, and director. They fell in love as they co-starred in Vallalan (2006) but split ways after a few months together.

Nayanthara Simbu
The dating history of Simbu and Nayanratha is full of controversies

However, their “beef” really happened after Simbu leaked the intimate photos of them kissing each other to clap back at Nayanthara. It created a giant uproar around netizens and it took them years to mend their connection.


One of Nayanthara boyfriends is Prabu Deva, the star of the town. After breaking up with Simbu, she started dating Prabu Deva in 2008. However, it is said that his wife accused her of stealing Prabu Deva and she filed a petition to stop them from their live-in relationship. Words on the street had it that Nayanthara was ready to marry the actor despite the fact that he was already married.

Prabhu Deva Wife
The actress also has a complicated history with Prabhu Deva

After the striking warnings along with other pressures from the actor’s wife, Nayantara decided to end her romance with the actor. For the unknown, she even had his name inked on her forearm but she changed it to Positivity after their breakup.

Vignesh Shivan

After all the highs and lows with former Nayanthara boyfriends, she is now seeing young filmmaker Vignesh Shivan. They have been together for five years and are still going strong.

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Among all Nayanthara boyfriends, It is until Vignesh Shivan that she can find her true delight

In spite of all the obstacles she came across in her romantic life, she just becomes a better and stronger person. Opening up on her breakups, she said that love doesn’t exist where trust is not present. As to why there were these failures in her love life, she said that she ended them as she came to the realization that she wanted to live alone rather than being with somebody she couldn’t trust.

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Everyone is waiting for their wedding

She also added that although it was hard when she came out of her relationships, her working life helped her a lot and thanks to her fans who always got her back, she felt a lot better.

Nayanthara facts

Besides her dating life, here is what you would want to learn about her like Nayanthara family, Nayanthara marriage date, and more.

Nayanthara family

She was originally born with the name Diana Mariam Kurian and in a SyrianChristian family. She picked her screen name as Nayanthara before started her acting career with Malayalam movie Manassinakkare when she was still a college student.

She used to be Christian

In 2011, she changed to Hinduism in Chennai at the Aarya Samaj Temple.

Highest paid south Indian actress

After making her debut in 2003 with Manassinakkar, there is no turning back for the actress.

According to the industry insiders, she is now making a flabbergasting Rs 1o crores for each of her projects. That makes her one of the highest-paid actresses in the South Indian film world. If her project stars a really big name, she is said to earn even more. Before acting, she wanted to become a CA but fate has another plan for her.

She has an enviable career in the South industry

Apart from acting, she also works as a model and Nayanthara is the endorser for quite many known brands and products, one of which is Katrina Kaif’s Kay Beauty.

She was a major in English Literature at Marthoma College.


She is not present on many social media platforms

Not like other celebrities, Nayanthara seems to not be interested in social media as she is not seen on many famous platforms apart from Instagram. In a talk, she shared that she likes personal space and wouldn’t like to have it exposed to the world.


On the professional front, she was last seen at the cinema with Darbar, a directorial by Murugadoss. The actress received a lot of appreciation from the audience and critics alike for her acting in this movie. Her next project is Netrikann and Annaatthe which will be released in 2021.

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