Top 10 Most Disliked Video On YouTube 2020

Salena Harshini |Dec 17, 2020

Top 10 most disliked video on YouTube 2020 has an Indian representative to make an entry with flash speed. Check out the latest list right now!

Ever since there was the “like” button in the world, Youtube users have also been enjoying using the “dislike” function. As a matter of fact, the video-sharing platform had to warn the “dislike mobs” who hit the button before actually watching a video. While many videos just got hate from those who just want to see the world burn, some honorably become the most disliked Youtube videos due to their surrounding controversies. See the most disliked video on YouTube 2020 list here!

Top 10 Most Disliked Video On YouTube 2020
Top 10 Most Disliked Video On YouTube 2020

1. YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind

  • 18 million dislikes

The 2018 video has collected 18.19 million dislikes which indicates that its dislike rate is 86.34%. At this number, it dethroned that time’s topper Justin Bieber’s Baby MV to become the most hated on the world's largest video-sharing platform. It's also the most disliked video on Youtube non-music video 2020.

Youtube Rewind 2018 soon became the fastest-disliked video in the history of the site. For the unknown, Youtube introduced this annual retrospective in 2010 comprising famous Youtubers and viral moments of the year. The site this year, however, will not have an annual year-end Rewind video because of the pandemic.

2. Sadak 2 Trailer

  • 13 million dislikes

Top 10 most disliked video on YouTube 2020 sees the trailer of Indian movie Sadak 2 in the second rank. Being the most recent plus to the list, the video has 13 million dislikes. The movie starring Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapur, did rounds on the Internet for the amount of hate it gets on Youtube.

Although this is not the first time we see a video or movie receiving so many dislikes prior to the launch, Sadak 2 trailer’s reason to be the most disliked trailer on YouTube is due to the sudden demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput which involved a lot of controversies around Bollywood nepotism.

As the film stars Alia Bhatt from the Bhatt family, a Bollywood powerhouse, Sadak 2 faces a wave of boycott on social media. Its poster is also claimed to hurt sentiments of Hindu community, landing the movie in various troubles.

3. Baby

  • 11.6 million dislikes

The music video that pushed Justin Bieber to fame has 11.6 million dislikes and before YouTube Rewind 2018, it entered the Guinness World Records book as the most disliked video on YouTube.

The singer’s first viral hit got him a great career start but the platform was not as kind to JB. Although the video has had over 2.3 billion views, Justin Bieber’s floppy hair from then is still in talks.

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4. Baby Shark Dance - Pinkfong

  • 10 million dislikes

The catchy song has been a storm creator in 2020 and it now has 10 million dislikes. It is featured among Youtube videos with the most views throughout 2020 before surpassing Despacito to officially become the most-watched Youtube video of all time with nearly 7.5 billion for now.

People may be divided on how they perceive Baby Shark but it became a trendy meme all over the world.

5. YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record

  • 9.3 million dislikes

In 2019, Youtube changed the format of its rewind video and created a combination of that year’s “most-liked” videos. However, it becomes a fixed one in the most disliked video on YouTube 2020 list. For the unknown, the amount of dislike clicks it has now is 9.3 million.

6. Johny Johny Yes Papa - LooLoo Kids

  • 8.1 million dislikes

The 2016 kid nursery rhyme can almost be heard in every household and it has 8.1 million thumbs down for now. Although the original clip which went famous has been wiped down from social media, the variations from Johny Johny Yes Papa have been all over the place on kid-centric channels on Youtube.

It’s unclear why the rendition had so many negative reactions.

7. Learn colors. Colorful eggs on the farm. Educational cartoon for children

  • 6.97 million dislikes

The Russian cartoon clip (original name: Учим цвета Разноцветные яйца на ферме Развивающий мультик для детей) may appear creepy to a lot of viewers. Consequently, it has 6.97 million dislikes with a dislike rate of nearly 40%.

Although its purpose is only to teach kids colors, the visual may be the reason it triggers the viewers to smash the button.

8. Flores

  • 5.4 million dislikes

The Brazilian track by Luísa Sonza and Vitão placed 8th rank in the most disliked video on YouTube 2020 list. They have had 5.4 million dislikes by far.

As the two collab-ed for a steamy video in June this year, the female singer Sonza has garnered a myriad of sexist comments saying it was overly racy. It, in fact, has the number of dislikes which doubles the like amount.

In spite of all those, Luísa Sonza kept it light and even said that her video would surpass Justin Bieber’s Baby which is the most disliked Youtube music video.

9. It's Everyday Bro

  • 5.1 million dislikes

The music video of Jake Paul, released in 2017, remains the most disliked video on YouTube 2020 with 5.1 million dislikes from viewers.

The former Vine star has never stayed off controversy and Jake Paul went all-in the drama pool after dropping his video. The track featured Team 10, his influencer team, and targeted his former girl-friend, Alissa Violet.

10. Can this video get 1 million dislikes?

  • 5.1 million dislikes

This clip of PewDiePie about trying to get thumbs-down overachieved its goal with 5.1 million dislikes. The dislike rate is at around 94%.

PewDiePie is the solo Youtuber with the most followers and he has a loyal fan community. It was full-on display when the Swedish influencers dared his subscribers to give him 1 million dislikes for this video.

The video has nothing to do with his usual acts on the platform such as reviewing or live streaming games. He just went around the house slurping drinks, making phone calls, etc.... Back in 2019, PewDieDie used to have some derogatory comments on Indian T-Series after this channel surpassed his video in terms of likes. The Youtuber then wanted to record Sorry Song in Indian language to apologize Indian netizens.

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