Test Positive & Get Paid Rs 50,000! UK Minister Proposed An Unprecedented Plan

Hanima Anand |Jan 22, 2021

The British government is struggling to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country while weird plans are being proposed by ministers.

According to the latest updates on Worldometers, the United Kingdom has recorded over 3.5 million confirmed cases of coronavirus till Jan 22. More than 94,500 people have died while thousands of new cases are reported daily across the country.

Given the urgent situation, UK ministers are proposing their creative plans to help curb the spread of the deadly virus. A very unique one comes from Matt Hancock from the Department of Health.

Uk Health Minister Matt Hancock
UK Health Minister Matt Hancock is behind the creative proposal.

The UK may pay £500 for a positive result

As many people refused to take a Covid-19 test despite having symptoms, the minister wants to encourage as many residents to undergo swabs as possible. The financial aid of £500 for each positive patient will help these people to survive in the self-isolation period when they are not working.

The fact is a lot of UK people know they have been infected with Covid-19 but refuse to take a test because a positive test result will force them to quarantine and not work. These are common among low-paid workers who might rely on their daily wages to make ends meet.

Covid 19 Testing In Uk
Many people in the UK refuse testing even when they have Covid-19 symptoms.

According to the detailed proposal, every English resident who tests positive would be paid £500 (Rs 50,000) regardless of age, employment or ability to work from home.

This means each week, the UK government has to pay up to £450 million. Costly as it may sound, the government is taking this proposal seriously though they haven’t made decision yet.

A spokesman of the UK Department of Health shared to the press:

'We are in one of the toughest moments of this pandemic and it is incumbent on all of us to help protect the NHS by staying at home and following the rules.'

Creative solutions to stop Covid-19 around the world

While the UK is struggling to find a proper solution, many other countries have tested theirs. In our previous reports, we have seen many unique initiatives from Asian nations that Europe or America might refer to. Let’s take a tour through these creative suggestions!

At the beginning of the pandemic, Indonesian authorities had used ghosts to force people to stay home at night. This seemingly ridiculous method turned out to be very effective.

Meanwhile, to teach people about social distancing, an Indonesian official has disguised himself as a street vendor. He only sold vegetables for those who wore masks properly, and it’s a vivid reminder for all locals who were present in the market at that time.

Indonesian Anti Maskers Dig Graves For Covid Victims
A group of anti-maskers are digging graves for Covid victims in Indonesia.

Later on, it’s also Indonesian government that order violators to dig graves for Covid-19 victims as a punishment for not wearing masks in public places. Clearly, this strict punishment form plus a heavy financial fine discourage people from risking theirs and others’ lives.

Or another example from Vietnam, when 3 people tested positive in a city, their government managed to evacuate more than 80,000 tourists with strict Covid-19 protocols to avoid a massive spread after they return home. However, this could hardly be applied to the current situation of UK.

You could see more weird ways to prevent Covid-19 all around the world for reference. And we think Boris Johnson should read this too.

Indian Police In Coronavirus Helmet
Another initiative from India: police wearing coronavirus helmet to raise public awareness.

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