$2.5M Lottery Winner Is Penniless After 18 Years Spending Money On Parties And Breast Surgeries

Hanima Anand |Mar 30, 2021

Callie Rogers is confirmed to be the British youngest lottery winner at the age of 16. She won $2.5 million in 2003 but the money didn’t bring her a better future.

The Britain youngest lottery winner

Callie Rogers was just a checkout girl and living with her foster parents in 2003. The 16-year-old earned around $5 per hour before winning the destiny lottery of her life.

Callie Rogers Lotter Winner At 16
She was young and innocent at the time she won the lottery.

When Rogers bought the lottery ticket, she didn’t think she would become the youngest lottery winner in the UK at the age of 16. The teenager was speechless when knowing she won $2.5 million in total. Rogers strongly believed that whopping amount of money would bring a much better future to her life.

Callie Rogers Lottery Winner
Callie Rogers was speechless when knowing she was UK's youngest lottery winner.

How she spent $2.5 million in 18 years

Just weeks after she won the lottery, Callie Rogers met her then-boyfriend Nicky Lawson and moved to a luxury wooden house worth $248,000. They had two children together.

However, the couple separated after 5 years in the relationship, leaving Callie Rogers in negative thoughts and desperation. To gain back her confidence, Rogers spent $23,500 on breast enhancement surgeries. She was also claimed to spend a lot of money on illegal substances but the mother of two constantly denied it.

Callie Rogers With Her First Husband
Rogers started changing her style and moved to a luxury house with her boyfriend.

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As lots of people knew she won the lottery, many had approached Rogers to siphon her money away. She used to share on Closer magazines that she met many strange people in the region who would talk to her in the pub as if they were her best friends. She felt stressed as she was supposed to buy all these people food and drinks.

In the years later, Callie Rogers could not escape the trap of money. She lost her control and spent money on expensive designer clothes as well as cosmetics surgeries for no reason.

Callie Rogers At 33
Despite spending thousands of dollars on cosmetics surgeries, Callie never felt confident enough.

She also gave her family $700,000 but that’s nothing compared to the amount evaporated in endless parties and luxury stuff.

Penniless again at the age of 33

Eighteen years after the day she won the lottery, Callie Rogers was found penniless and living on benefits. She was also given a 22-month driving ban weeks ago for DUI.


After breaking up with Nicky Lawson, Rogers dated several men and had two more children. The mother of four regretted her previous life period when she could not control her spending. She also realized it’s the massive lottery win at such a young age that resulted in all her struggles.

Callie Rogers In 2021
Most recent image of Callie Rogers in 2021

She said even when she thought the money would change her life forever, it remained the same. She just wanted to be back to a normal life like before she won the lottery. At least she didn’t feel the pressure and desire to escape the extravagant life as some years ago.

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