Alert! Difficult Erection, Lower Desire & Reduced Male Fertility Seen In Positive Cases

Hanima Anand |Sep 23, 2020

The recent research by Chinese scientists indicates that coronavirus significantly lowers testosterone levels, which subsequently leads to various effects on male experience in bed.

It’s now common knowledge that Covid-19 patients suffer from a number of health problems related to respiratory diseases as well as the overall immune system. However, it’s not until recently that researchers found a possible link between coronavirus infection and reduced male fertility.

Lower Desire In Covid 19 Patients
Covid-19 not only causes pains but also disturbance in bed experience.

Specifically, scientists conducting the research Coronavirus: A Possible Cause of Reduced Male Fertility have studied semen samples of Covid-19 patients of various degrees. The result shows a significantly low level of testosterone in severe patients compared to mild patients. This suggests the influence of coronavirus on male reproductive ability.

What’s more, the group of researchers also found a high potential of testicular damage, leading to male fertility impairment among Covid-19 patients studied. Also, the deficiency of testosterone levels will accompany a variety of problems for male reproductive activities.

Covid 19 Causes Difficulty in Erection
A quick test to see whether you might be infected or not!

According to scientists, the decrease in testosterone levels could lead to these following symptoms:

  • Low desire

Testosterone is known as the male reproductive hormone which reduces with age. However, Covid-19 patients especially those with severe infection could experience a decline in love-making desire.

  • Difficult erection

This sounds annoying for every man regardless of age. Not mentioning the reduced desire above, the low level of testosterone affects the ability to achieve and maintain erection. This includes both purposeful erection (during intimate activities) and spontaneous erection (during sleep).

Covid 19 On Male Fertility
Less desire, less semen, and constant fatigue are clear symptoms of low testosterone levels.
  • Less semen

This can be a direct consequence of testicular damage experienced by Covid-19 patients. Testicles can be called semen factories, so a reduction in semen volume is foreseeable if these organs are impaired by the virus.

  • Hair loss

Besides the reproductive system, testosterone helps to maintain men’s overall body functions, including hair production (even body or facial hair as well). Hair loss, if not an inherited trait, could be a consequence of lowered testosterone levels.

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Covid 19 In India
Make sure you register for a Covid-19 test if experiencing above symptoms.

Above are just some symptoms of Covid-19 influence on male fertility. Actually, the reduced testosterone level also leads to many other impacts such as constant fatigue or increased body fat but we won’t mention them in detail here.

Back to the research, scientists conclude Covid-19 is a possible cause of reduced male fertility as well as general experiences on bed. The group is calling for further research on the changes in Covi-19 recovered patients to figure out the healing process of male bodies post disease. will update more related information if have.

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