The Reason Behind Increasingly Sudden Deaths of Covid-19 Across Indian States

Hanima Anand |Jun 26, 2020

During the past month, India records a number of sudden deaths related to Covid-19. These people died just within hour after being admitted to the hospital. Why is it happening?

Yesterday, it’s reported that a doctor in Vijayawada suddenly developed breathing difficulties though he hadn’t shown any sign of health problems before. He died the same day he knew he was infected.

Before that, similar cases were reported across India, from Andhra Pradesh to Chennai. A man died just 30 minutes after being brought into the hospital while many others succumb to the disease a few days after developing symptoms.

Sudden Deaths Of Covid 19 1
Even healthcare workers couldn't protect their lives during the pandemic.

What are the reasons behind these sudden deaths of Covid-19?

In fact, this situation is not happening in India only. Worldwide scientists have realized this phenomenon a few months ago when some asymptomatic patients experienced quick health deterioration.

According to researchers, there are 3 main reasons for these coronavirus sudden deaths.

Coronavirus cause blood clots then strokes

Firstly, when the virus manages to penetrate into your body, it surely affects the operation of human organs, lungs, heart and brain in particular. Though the amount of coronavirus in one person might not be high enough to develop serious symptoms of the illness, it reduces the level of oxygen in the patient’s blood, resulting in blood clots.

Usually the clots would appear in legs or arms but gradually they move to the lungs, heart and even brain, leading to fatal strokes or heart attacks. This cause sudden death without any signal.

Sudden Deaths Of Covid 19 2
Not only elderly people are prone to sudden deaths, younger adults may suffer blood clots as well.

Sudden deaths more likely to occur with low immunity systems

The next reason for sudden deaths of coronavirus come from our immunity systems, which determine the body stamina after being attacked by foreign agents.

When a person with low immunity system is infected, their body may not be able to fight back the virus, causing quick deterioration then death. These cases are more seen in above 60 age group, whose immunity is not as strong as young adults.

So, to avoid this, people have to improve immunity systems by taking daily exercises, eating more fruits and vegetables to absorb necessary vitamins and ensuring adequate sleep.

Sudden Deaths Of Covid 19 3
Many patients are not provided intensive care timely, leading to sudden demise.

Co-morbid conditions worsen the fact

It’s widely acknowledged that Covid-19 is not just a respiratory disease. It weakens one’s health and exacerbates conditions of other diseases if have.

This is the reason why many deaths of coronavirus didn’t come from the virus itself, but from other illnesses the patients had previously.

Especially, when the healthcare system is under a tremendous burden of treating Covid-19 patients, those with co-morbid conditions might not get timely intensive care and died quickly after infection.

Accordingly, the elderly and ill people are the most vulnerable groups of sudden deaths of Covid-19. Please keep them stay away from containment zones and it’s best if these people remain staying at home, limiting contacts with other people.

Above are 3 main reasons for the increasing number of sudden deaths due to Covid-19 in India and all over the world. Please share this information so people know how to avoid unfortunate incidents.

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