Japan Asks China To Stop Doing Anal Swab Tests On Its People

Hanima Anand |Mar 03, 2021

A number of Japanese people in China have complained about the invasive tests at their embassy. Though the Japanese government has voiced over the issue, they received no response from China yet.

Though we all know the importance of Covid-19 swab tests in the prevention of further spread to the community, the Chinese government is causing great pain to Japanese nationalities in the country by doing anal swab tests instead of using normal methods.

Japan Embassy In Beijing China
The embassy of Japan in Beijing is receiving many complaints about anal swab tests.

Japanese complained about anal swab tests in China

According to Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato of Japan, the procedure of the anal swab test is causing ‘great psychological pain’ to their people residing in China. Many Japanese citizens have reported to their embassy that the invasive tests include inserting a swab into the rectum as deep as 5 centimeters then rotating it several times.

A test lasts for 10 seconds on average, but it causes much frustration and pain to Japanese people, as reported.

Chinese Anal Swab Tests

In fact, not just Japanese citizens, Chinese people living in certain cities also have to do these anal swab tests. The government is taking samples from the anus to make sure no potential Covid-19 carrier is left out.

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Covid-19 in China

This policy of anal swab tests was introduced after a schoolboy in Beijing tested positive in January. The city administration then decided to have a mass testing campaign for all dwellers to filter potential infected cases.

Before Japan, some US diplomats in China also reported having been required to do anal swab tests. However, the Chinese foreign ministry denied this. As for the complaint from the Japanese embassy, China hasn’t had any announcement yet.

Covid 19 In China
China is struggling to prevent the return of Covid-19 in crowded cities.

China has recorded nearly 90 thousand cases of Covid-19. More than 4,600 have died while around 85,000 have recovered.

This country is doing all means to prevent the return of Covid-19 with more dangerous variants from Europe and Africa.

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