With Less Than $120K, People Are Buying Cheap Castles In Europe During The Pandemic

Hanima Anand |Mar 18, 2021

The pandemic has affected the lives of million people in the world, and brought immense changes to the entire society. Only in the massive lockdown did householders realize they need a more spacious house rather than a convenient urban apartment.

In fact, ancient castles in Europe have long been for sale with a vast range of prices. Most are worth millions of dollars while some remain at a surprisingly low price. You can even own an Italian castle for free, of course, with conditions from the government.

People start looking for cheap castles in Europe

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people realize they need a more spacious home, rather than a convenient urban apartment without a garden.

Buyers Visiting Castles In Europe
While city houses are seeing a decline in their prices, people are looking for a new experience in ancient castles.

Rich people start looking for available castles in Europe so they could enjoy open space and fresh air while staying at home for months.

Having said that, the market of castles is not just for the wealthy as the prices of some castles are just the same as a mediocre house in the city.

150k Castle For Sale In Europe
Could you believe this castle costs only $150K?

Italian castles for free

In recent years, the Italian government has decided to give 103 ancient castles for free to boost the economy of their neighborhood.

Castle For Free In Italy 1
A castle for free in Italy

As these castles scatter in remote rural areas, far from the main road, they were not an attractive deal to any buyer. However, the government would not charge buyers a coin if they promise to renovate the building and turn it into tourist attractions.

New owners of these castles may also aim to convert them into restaurants, hotels, or any profitable businesses. The government hopes to encourage people to invest in these ancient constructions as well as resuscitate the tourism industry.

Castle For Free In Italy 2
Most designs in the castles remain in their original form but need renovation.

Moreover, if the plan proves successful, it will ease the burden for Italian tourist hot spots such as Venice. Along with that, the economy at remote places would benefit from the new services.

To be specific, candidates for these free castles would be given 9 years to convert their buildings. If they realize their promises, they will have another 9-year free rental to develop their businesses here.

Cheap castles for sale across Europe

There are many castles for sale in Europe that have a surprisingly competitive price tag. For example, with only $118,000, you can own a defensive tower in Spain with basic furniture.

Castle In Spain 1
This castle is located in a rural area of Spain.

This rectangular castle was renovated to suit modern needs and has spacious rooms for an extended family.

Castle In Spain 2
Its owner has refurbished the building to meet modern needs.
Castle In Spain 3
Basic furniture inside the cheap castle

Or another castle in Ireland is posted for sale at $100K. It not only has a cut stone castle but also attaches to a large garden nearby. The castle situates in a tranquil region of Sixmilebridge.

Castle In Ireland
Another castle in Ireland that costs less than an urban apartment

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