Despite Hardships and Risks, Indian Army And Medical Workers Are Trying Their Best To Confront The Pandemic

Salena Harshini |Mar 28, 2020

The Indian army and medical workers are trying their best to cope with the chaotic situation of the pandemic in spite of many challenges.

As the pandemic situation is getting riskier as time passes by, the Indian Army along with medical and hospital workers are trying their best to support the citizens in spite of the hardships they have to encounter.

General MM Naravane, Indian Army Chief, reminded his defense force that “It is our duty to help the government and civil administration.”

28 military hospitals have been kept aside to control coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, five other hospitals have started testing for the fatal virus when the armed forces have all prepared for the contingency plans involving “quick reaction medical teams” which may be launched under the happening “Operation Namaste”.

Indian Army Chief
Indian Army Chief, General MM Naravane

Indian Army Chief further said that it is his responsibility to keep the force fit because in order to protect the country, the important thing is they are all healthy and safe.

During the Covid-19 crisis spreading across India, General Manoj Mukund Naravane guaranteed to every officer and personnel assigned at the border that their families are receiving special care of the force and that they will attain triumph in this operation.

Indian Army 1
The army also has the high risk of being infected with the virus

Speaking of the personnel and officers at Line of Actual Control and Line of Control, he shared that they are required to stick together at the border as well as other areas for tactical and operational reasons.

Soldiers are facing a lot of difficulties. And they also got hit from the coronavirus outbreak as there was a Leh, Ladakh soldier was infected with it and an unconfirmed case of an officer in Pune.

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Indian Doctor
Doctors, nurses and medical workers in general are facing the infectious situation

In the meantime, medical and hospital workers are working 24/7 to fight the pandemic. They face a huge challenge as their own safety is endangered. With the lack of N-95 respiratory masks and personal protective equipments (PPEs), they bear more risks of being vulnerable to coronavirus that has claimed over 18,000 lives across the globe.

A Bathinda’s Civil Hospital emergency unit doctor, who requested anonymity, said that it was like battling in a war without weapon or armor. They could save patients but as there are no PPEs, N-95 masks or safety gears, they may contract the coronavirus which he is sure that neither the Union Government or Heath Department can afford at this interval.

India Doc
They are not fully equipped with safety gears, new or even at all respiratory masks

Also shared by another doctor at the emergency unit, emergency unit’s staff and doctors are not provided with any N-95 respiratory masks or PPEs. Even the staff members working at the flu corner where present the symptomatic patients sent from the emergency unit are not receiving safety kits. The safety kids are only provided for ancillary staff and doctors who are taking care of patients of the isolation areas.

Private hospitals doctors have also sighed over the risk to contract this deadly virus saying that inadequate arrangements have been made regarding safety gear provision.

Corona India
The front line fighters of India are more vulnerable to the virus

A number of doctors have been doing their work with old masks given amid the season of Swine Flu, meanwhile others including staff nurses don’t even have N-95 respiratory masks.

Meanwhile, India has had 906 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection until today, with 20 deaths in total. While the Indian army and the medical workers are at the front line in fighting the fatal novel coronavirus, more facility and standard safety equipment must be prepared and provided more thoroughly to ensure the health of them.

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