Photos Of The World During Coronavirus Lockdown - 'After Apocalypse' Scenes Everywhere

Ankita Chetana |Mar 28, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic has been keeping one-third of the world's population in the lockdown. The places which were usually full of people have become deserted at this time. Check out the photos!

Over 600,000 positives cases with coronavirus and more than 27,000 dead cases globally, the world is definitely facing an intense cataclysm. Many streets over severely affected countries are being deserted as the scenery of a 'dead city' that we have ever watched on the screen. Let's go through these photos to feel how the world is in the time of coronavirus lockdown.

Seashore In Ireland
A woman stands on the seashore Sandymount in Dublin, Ireland. The scene is completely opposite to the daily images of crowded people before.
Streets In Berlin
A man rode his e-bike on an empty street near Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, Germany on March 25.
Street In Serbia
A senior woman walked her dog during the curfew in Belgrade, Serbia on March 23.
Street In France
The lonesome scene in front of de la Treille Notre-Dame Cathedral in Lille, France on March 24.
Railway Station In Sydney
A lady was at a deserted railway platform in the morning rush hours in Sydney, Australia on March 24.
Stores In Philippines
A senior citizen sat outside the closed stores on March 24 after Manina - the capital of the Philippines goes under the coronavirus lockdown.
Church In Dakar
A member of Notre-Dame des Victories Cathedral sat alone during the Sunday Mass in Dakar, Sénégal on March 23.
Street In England
A man sat alone outside a pub on Carnaby Street in London, England on March 17.
Street In Washington
A man walked around the National Mall in Washington on March 15.
Street In New York
A deserted street in Manhattan, New York City on March 15.
University In Brazil
On March 17, doctoral fellow Sergio Antonio Perea Restrepo studied alone on the campus of the University of Sao Paulo after all the classes in Brazil got canceled.
Railway Station In London
A passenger waited for the train at a railway platform in Richmon railway station in West London, England on March 24.
Bridge In Czech
A man walked through the deserted Charles Bridge in Prague, the Czech Republic on March 20.
Mrt In London
The image of an MRT board in London, England on March 19.
Street In Korea
A man wearing a mask walked along with an exhibition center that used to be always crowded in Seoul, Korea on March 25.
Streets In New York
A man crossed Avenue 5 which is almost deserted at Midtown Manhattan, New York City of the U.S.A on March 25.
Street In Hubei China
A citizen wearing a mask walked through a deserted community of residence in Hubei, China on March 25.
Street In Italy
A lady wearing a mask walked outside Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy on March 23.

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