Super Woman In Real Life, Female Police Officer Holds Her Baby In Her Left Arm While Directing Traffic

Leela Adwani |Mar 10, 2021

The grainy short video shows that the baby seems to be too tired of this new “job".

A police constable in India is recently in the news for her sweet action while she was working. The female police officer has been filmed when she was returning to her work with a super cute and brand new helper.

Female Police Officer
Female police officer

The officer named Priyanka was taking her personal charge of traffic control and directing traffic. She was seen watching the cars passing by while holding her baby in her arms.

Little “supporter” of her mother

The mother who was previously on her maternity leave was back to work with her colleague. The video was made on 5 March. Her baby is reportedly just five months old.

Indian Police Officer 2
Priyanka is holding her baby while she is working on the road

The grainy short video shows that the baby seems to be too tired of this new “job.” She decides to take a cheeky nap as she can be seen leaning into her mom’s shoulder.

The mother-daughter pair was on the side of a road where the baby was dressed in a hoodie and socks.

The unpleasant situation

Locals reveal that Priyanka returned to work recently in Haryana, India after taking a hiatus to care for her newborn baby. She was putting on her Army uniform, wearing an essential face mask, and focused on her work. Motorcycles, cars, and pedestrians can be seen going by from different directions.

Indian Police Officer
The sun hit down the mother-baby duo

In fact, India is also recorded as one of the countries having the worst score on the ranking of road safety in the world.

Even though the sun still beats down on the pair, she doesn’t neglect her work while holding her kid in her arms.

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