Best Time To Visit Vietnam 2020 From India - The Perfect Time To Get The Most Out Of Your First Trip To Vietnam

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 02, 2020

Although each season is interesting in its own way, this season will be the perfect time for you to explore this beautiful country at its best! Click to find the answer!

If you’re getting enough of being locked down inside your home due to the coronavirus outbreak, why not spend your time planning for a trip as soon as possible when the health crisis is over? While searching the internet for the ideal, interesting and cheap destination for the next getaway, we bump into a beautiful SouthEast Asia country with many things to discover: Vietnam. But when is the best time to visit Vietnam and what places or cities worth checking out, scroll down to find the answers!

Best Time To Visit Vietnam Golden bridge Ba na Hills 2
The golden bridge on Ba Na Hills, Da Nang, VietNam

In case you didn’t know, Vietnam is always at the top of most visited countries of the world thanks to its rich culture and stunning scenery. It’s worth visiting Vietnam at least one time in your life to witness majestic mountain views, breathtaking sunset on the sea, incredible waterfalls and so many other things. 

In the north of Vietnam, there are four main seasons including Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter while there are only wet and dry seasons in the Southern. Each season is interesting in its own way but if you’re planning for outdoor activities or a beach holiday, check out our advice to find the idealist time to pack up your luggage. 

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Best Time To Visit Vietnam Hoi an 7
Hoi An, Vietnam by night

Best time to visit Vietnam

Obviously, the dry season will be more favorable for travelers to explore the country. So if your destination is the south of Vietnam, be there around the dry season ̣December to April). This is the best time to visit the Southern (Ho Chi Minh city) as the temperature is average which allows you to explore the country as much as possible. 

Meanwhile, you can make the most out of the trip to the north of Vietnam ̣(Hanoi) if you visit there in Autumn. While there are showering rain in Spring with high humidity, it is scorching in the Summer and freezing in the winter. That makes Autumn the best time to visit the Northern without worrying too much about the weather. 

Is September a good time to visit Vietnam? It is! Autumn in Vietnam starts from September to November. It is also the best time to visit Vietnam from India as the peak season of tourism is over.

However, the best time to visit Vietnam culture trip must be around Tet holiday - the biggest festival of the year which celebrates the beginning of the new year. The festive season falls around January or February, depending on the Lunar calendar. However, please note that the accommodations and transportation fee will be much higher than usual so you should arrive early and follow a strict schedule to avoid unexpected problems. 

Best Time To Visit Vietnam Ha long bay 1
Ha Long Bay, one of the world new seven wonders

Best time to visit North East Vietnam

If you are not interested in a popular tourist destination and big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang or Nha Trang and are looking for a unique destination with rich culture and stunning landscapes, head to the North East Vietnam where locates one of the world new seven wonder Ha Long Bay. A one-day cruise trip around the bay will be an exotic experience that no tourist can miss. 

Best Time To Visit Vietnam Ha giang 3
The majestic beauty of Ha Giang mountains

In addition to that, Ha Giang is also an underrated destination that will amaze you with the candid beauty of the mountainous area and the authentic culture of the ethnic minority community of the North East of Vietnam.

As mentioned above, the best time to visit Ha Giang Vietnam falls between September to November. It’s also the harvest season so you might happen to witness the stunning beauty of golden rice terraces in Ha Giang.

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Best Time To Visit Vietnam 4
The stunning golden terraces in Ha Giang, Vietnam

Check out the comprehensive travel guide when visiting Vietnam:

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