These Honeymoon Destinations In India Are Way Off Better Than Anywhere In The World

Ankita Chetana |Mar 15, 2020

Getting a headache to cost for a foreign trip for your honeymoon? Forget it, we are here to save you with the top honeymoon destinations in India that are music to your ears.

After many things to prepare for a wedding, you will be more tired of where to go for the honeymoon. Indians typically consider this period the best time in their marriage, so a full package of happiness waits for your option of the best place. No need to travel abroad, these honeymoon destinations in India are enough for your much-awaited experience.


Bluewater with coral are the special things of Lakshwadeep

In India, we have known the best landscape of Andaman and Nicobar with pure water. But a magnificent island with white sand, blue water, and the luck of nice weather is one in a million, isn't it? If you are thinking of it, Lakshwadeep is an option that won't make you disappointed. This potential gem contains a lot of coral archipelagoes and other marine lives with some adventurous sports to give you the best moment to remember.


Gulmarg - best honeymoon destinations in India
Gulmarg clad by snow is a breathtaking place for your honeymoon

You have heard a lot about this place but never thought that it's suitable to spend your honeymoon. But actually it is. Mountains covered with snow and discovering Kashmir will pack your honeymoon in excitement and adorable memories. Also, you can visit the Alps and the longest and highest cable car in Asia - Gulmarg Gondola.


Alappuzha is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India

If you desire to have an enjoyable time in a peaceful and romantic place, you can't miss Alappuzha in Kerala. Leaving all the burdens of life to stay in a houseboat and drink some wine definitely drives you into a dreamy world. Not only the wonderful back-waters take your breath away but the food there also boggles your mind. Venice can't compare for sure!


A rocky road to the beach in Pondicherry

Amongst the best honeymoon destinations in India, Pondicherry will jog your memory more than anything else. The beach-side place with all of the nice food and the ideal space to enjoy with your partner. Many young couples opt for this destination as it's easy to reach Chennai for a visit.

We have compiled a list of the best honeymoon destinations in India to save your money as well as keep your desirable moment to be your epitaph. Happiness doesn't lie in luxury things, it appears when you two are together!

After choosing a place to enjoy the honeymoon, do you know what to prepare for this sweet period? Here is a suggestion for you:


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