Best Places To Visit In Vietnam For Indian Tourists

Leela Adwani |May 08, 2020

Vietnam is being praised for having flattened the coronavirus curve with effective measures and no death recorded. Visiting Vietnam, you can be guaranteed more than that. Check below the best places to visit in Vietnam from India.

You may read a lot of travel tips to Vietnam, a peaceful country in South Asia, but we are sure you will find this list of best places to visit in Vietnam the most relatable to an Indian.

Why? Because India is already a place of variety, ranging from cultural festivals to natural beauties. An Indian tourist may easily get bored with the scenes he or she encounters many times in their own country, let alone the fact that Vietnam is also an Asian nation.

However, we have listed here the most exciting trips to Vietnam which you have never experienced in India!

1. Sa Pa – A Portrait of Ethnic Life

Unlike mountainous areas in India, Sa Pa has its own beauty with picturesque terraced rice fields and special “love markets” of ethnic people.

Sapa Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
Believe me! This scenic beauty is nowhere to be found other than Sa Pa.

Visiting Sa Pa, you can not only walk through tranquil forests but also climb the tallest peak of Indochina – Fansipan, either on foot or in cable cars.

If you want convenient facilities, Sa Pa’s luxury hotels are always available; otherwise, choosing a homestay right in the middle of ethnic villages is highly recommended.

Love Market In Sa Pa Vietnam
Sa Pa Love market is where girls and boys find their other half.

2. Ha Long Bay – Bay of Descending Dragons

You must visit Ha Long Bay when you come to Vietnam. It’s one of the world most famous natural heritages recognized by UNESCO.

Ha Long Bay Best Places In Vietnam
This is not a painting, it's a real capture of Ha Long Bay, a natural world heritage.

As its name suggests, the bay is dotted with thousand limestone islands, resembling a stronghold of this mythical creature.

Our advice for Ha Long Bay visitors is staying away from the crowds by booking a tour boat to Cat Ba island where you can swim in crystal clear water and try kayaking.

Kayaking At Ha Long Bay Vietnam Tourism
Feel the crystal water and cool caves while kayaking through the mountains!

3. Ha Giang – Raw Gem Of The North

Ranking among the most favorite places to visit in Vietnam for Westerners, Ha Giang can win your heart at the very first sight.

Rugged, breath-taking and off-the-beaten-track are what make it to the top of destinations for adventurers. Deep valleys and spectacular treks carved into the mountains, you will ask no more when riding motorbikes through these areas.

Ma Pi Leng Pass Ha Giang Vietnam
Almost every foreign tourist to Vietnam aims to conquer Ma Pi Leng Pass with motorbikes.

One place you must check for sure when coming here is Ma Pi Leng pass, where you can get an overview of this extraordinary beauty. Most foreign tourists comment that this is among the best places to visit in Vietnam northern areas if you love adventures.

Ha Giang Best Places In Vietnam
Ha Giang is also home to Tam Giac Mach flowers which melt everyone's heart.

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4. Hanoi – The 1000-year Old Quarter

Located in the centre of the North is Hanoi, the 1010-year-old capital of Vietnam. It is the witness of all historical ups and downs throughout the developments of this country.

Hanoi is also the place showing the typical lifestyle of Vietnamese northern people: tolerant, elegant and beauty-oriented. You can easily see plants and flowers growing on the balcony of every house in the Old Quarter. It’s also common to see clothing shops with countless designs from traditional to modern styles.

Hanoi Streetfood Best Places In Vietnam
Prepare your stomach for a Hanoi street food tour!

Not just that, each street in Hanoi is renowned for a specialty where you can hardly taste elsewhere with the same quality. Most food is served in friendly street food stalls with affordable prices.

5. Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

You may think of tigers or dangerous animals when seeing the word “national park” but Phong Nha – Ke Bang is totally opposite.

It will be one of the most tranquil and safe places you can visit, alone, or in groups. The nature here is bestowed with unique caves and rivers along peaceful villages surrounded by giant mountains.

Son Doong Cave Best Places In Vietnam
A beach inside Son Doong cave, and the dots you see are human camps.

This national park is among best places to visit in Vietnam also because it has the largest cave in the world – Son Doong with its own type of climate and wildlife. You are already excited, aren’t you?

Son Doong The World Largest Cave
This is 100% natural but looks like complex architecture made by ancient people.

6. Hue Citadel – Splendors of an Empire

Similar to Hanoi, Hue people are elegant but with more royal charm. Hue used to be a capital of Nguyen emperor, that’s why you can sightsee the former Imperial City here.

Due to the strict requirements in royal cuisine techniques in the past, Hue cooks possess amazing skills in decorating dishes as well as mixing flavours. The number of flavours you can taste with rice here may go up to hundred.

Girl In Ao Dai At Hue Best Place In Vietnam
Visiting Hue, you will also meet beautiful girls in their traditional dress.

7. Hoi An – Town of Lanterns

If you are a cultural explorer, don’t miss Hoi An.

Hoi An Streets In Vietnam
Hoi An is considered the most beautiful ancient town of Indochina.

Walking through Hoi An streets will get you the most unique experience, either at day or night. Thousands of lanterns are hung along the road and river bank, all houses respect the ancient structures with typical yellow wall and brownish roofs.

Hoi An Best Places In Vietnam
Imagine thousands of lanterns lit at once on the street!

Take photo of any corner in Hoi An, you get an art masterpiece.

8. Da Lat – City of Love

It’s not a city of romantic activities, we must say. But it’s the most popular destinations in Vietnam for young couples and families.

Da Lat bears no similarities with any other city in Vietnam. It is quiet and reserved.

Da Lat Best Places In Vietnam
Da Lat is most famous for its weather, fog and flowers.

In Da Lat, you can hear birds singing every morning, walk through the pines all day and enjoy the fresh cool air to refresh your soul. It’s a place for people to feel their breaths. It’s where you treasure the beauty of this life.

Coming here, tourists can easily realize 3 typical No of Da Lat: No traffic lights, No tricycle and No air-conditioner.

Da Lat Strawberry Field
Tourists love picking strawberry tours in Da Lat.

9. Can Tho – Center of Mekong Delta

Have you ever joined a floating market? Or picking and tasting fruits right in the garden freely?

Go to Can Tho, a city of Mekong Delta where you can experience all typical activities of Vietnamese Southern people in rural regions.

Cai Rang Floating Market Vietnam
Cai Rang in Can Tho is the biggest floating market of Vietnam.

When coming here, remember to head for Cai Rang floating market as it’s the biggest one in the area. You can bring some cash to buy fresh fruits from boats there, and a camera to catch moments vendors exchanging goods with others. It’s very interesting.

10. Phu Quoc – Island of Paradise

This is the farthest place in this list, locating off the Southern coast. This island is a true heaven for beach lovers. You can find here pristine beaches which give Goa a good run for its money.

Phu Quoc Best Places In Vietnam
This photo is captured with a phone camera, guys!

Top luxury resorts are also built here with utmost sophisticated facilities and services. However, you can always taste seafood with affordable prices in the markets here.

Coral Watching In Phu Quoc
Here's what it looks like under Phu Quoc if you go for a coral watching tour.

So, what do you think of these best places to visit in Vietnam? Which would you pick for your first trip to this country?

Leave comments below in the box to share your opinions and experiences when traveling here if have!

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