7 Best Honeymoon Destinations In South India For A Perfect Getaway

Salena Harshini |Apr 29, 2020

Get a headache looking for a seamless and special honeymoon for your spouse and yourself? Here are the 7 must-visit places in South India that will guarantee you a trip of a lifetime.

If you wonder whether heaven actually exists, then the answer is: it does, and it is Southern India. You can have everything you need in an amazing holiday, be it the sea, the hills, backwaters, rural charm, city, and more. It is obvious that you can find yourself the best honeymoon destinations in south India as the place has a charm like no other.

With a special culture in every single state, South India offers the honeymoon heaven for every newly-wed couple. Take a look at 7 top spots for an out-of-this-world post-nuptial vacation!

best honeymoon destinations in south India
Check out the 7 top romantic destinations India for your honeymoon!

1. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is among the best honeymoon destinations in South India that are meant for those who just got married as the wedding rituals here are special, sharing no resemblance with other places. There is no priest to conduct the ceremony and the elders run every errand required. Actually, you can plan your wedding at Coorg and go on a honeymoon trip here right afterward.

Coorg is where the flora greens soar, creating an irresistible scenery while mixing with colorful flowers and white fogs.

Coorg Karnataka Honeymoon Destinations In South In
Visit Coorg and chill with your babe in such a resort!

Things to do in Coorg:

  • Explore the areas for coffee plantation and have a taste of the best coffee.
  • Trek from Kakkabe to Tadiyandamaol or from Pushpagiri or the Brahmagiri.
  • Pay a visit to Dubare Elephant Camp and catches a glance at the elephants being bathed.
  • Try an elephant ride at the camp.
  • Add a factor of adventure and nature to your trip by coming to the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.
Trekking In Coorg honeymoon destinations in south india
Make your honeymoon trip unforgettable with this trek in Coorg!

2. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Better referred to and known as Kodai, the hill station has the same name as the human-make lake there.

This haven, one of the best honeymoon destinations in South India. Locates in Tamil Nadu and is famous for its beautiful natural charm. Kodaikanal has numerous lavish green mountains, tall monumental granite slopes, thickly arboreal valleys, cascades, and lakes.

When here, remember to take a sentimental pontoon ride on the lake with your darling. You can even go cycling along the lake street way or climbing there.

Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu honeymoon destinations in south India
Kodaikanal offers breathtaking sceneries just like any foreign lands

Things to do in Kodaikanal:

  • Try boating at Lake Kodai alongside picnicking, angling, and horse riding.
  • Come to the Shenbaganur Museum to appreciate artworks and crafts alongside fauna and flora.
  • Experience ranch life at Kundra Organic Farm.
  • Visit Devil's Kitchen, Coalkers Walk, Dolphin's Nose, Green Valley, and Pillar Rocks.
Boating At Lake Kodai in South India
Take a glance at this picturesque view of Lake Kodai!

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3. Thekkady, Kerala

In contrast to conventional sentimental goals, Thekkady's magnificence lies in its simplicity and realness. Encompassed by greenery, you would feel like you have gone into your haven.

The must-visit spot in Thekkady is most likely the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The path towards this spot involves a drive across Idukki town, Mullaperiyar Dam along with the incredible vineyards. You can enjoy the retreat as you reach appreciating the different types of winged creatures there. Additionally, there are different activities to carry out, too.

Periyar Lake honeymoon destinations in south India
Go on a boat ride on Periyar Lake would bring about an extraordinary feeling

Things to do in Thekkady:

  • Visit Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and respect the widely varied fauna and flora.
  • Go on a vessel ride on Periyar Lake.
  • Learn the neighborhood culture of Murikkady, a little town.
  • Gain more knowings about the cardamom, coffee, and pepper manors in Murikkady.
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Honeymoon Destinations
Periyar wildlife sanctuary is the perfect spot for adventurous couples.

4. Alleppey, Kerala

Extravagant cruises, lavish inns, and the grand Kerala backwaters are what will make your honeymoon in Alleppey an unquestionable approach to reclassify sentiment. As an extremely well-known vacation goal in South India, Alleppey is that optimistic dream without a doubt. Presently, what makes it such a preferred goal over the others? Certainly, it's a big appeal.

A post-nuptial trip in Alleppey is clearly a fanciful encounter. It is where you would leave feeling like a sovereign. It's without a doubt one of the top sentimental places in South India.

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Alleppey Kerala honeymoon destinations in south India
You will feel like a king or a queen coming back home from Alleppey, Kerala

Things to do in Alleppey:

  • To start with, take a houseboat and book your stay for an impeccable stay.
  • Go for a walk and watch the radiant nightfalls on the Marari Beach.
  • Try the awesome neighborhood Malabari dishes.
  • Go on a pontoon voyage to Lake Vembanad.
  • Go couple kayaking.
Marari Beach Honeymoon Destinations South India
Couple goal: hold hands and enjoy the tranquil beach of Marari!

5. Kumarakom, Kerala

Peaceful and enchanting, Kumarakom is one flawless wedding trip spot in South India. What pulls couples to this spot are the beautiful backwaters and the pretty towns. Despite the fact that the spot receives a lot of voyagers consistently, the old-world appeal is as yet continued. Kumarakom still gives that vibe of a virgin, explored spot.

With choices extending from sentimental remain on a houseboat to an exciting kayak ride, Kumarakom truly proves itself as one of the top honeymoon destinations in South India.

Kumarakom Kerala honeymoon destinations in south India
Blend yourself in with nature at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kumarakom, Kerala

Things to do in Kumarakom:

  • Pay a visit to Pathiramanal Island and appreciate the different species of transitory birds.
  • Enjoy bird-watching at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.
  • Go on a canoe ride together on the backwaters.
  • Settle on a sentimental supper date during your stay where you get the chance to taste the local cuisine.
  • Let the sunsets take your worries away while you stay at your resort or houseboat.
Sunset At Kumarakom In South India
This is not a painting but a photo of sunset at Kumarakom.

6. Rushikonda, Vizag

For a marvelous special trip, pick Rushikonda. A little village for the ones who couldn't want anything more than to spend a calm and serene honeymoon. Away from the modest, this spot is dabbed with serene and grand picnic areas and spots.

Essentially, it's a seashore town which runs corresponding to the striking blue waters of Bay of Bengal. As one among the most perfect honeymoon destinations in South India, the seashore here is very occurring. Humming with activities, you wouldn't get worn out going for a walk twice on the seashore.

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Rishikonda Vizag honeymoon destinations in south India
Rushikonda has the best beach for you to enjoy

Things to do in Rishikonda:

  • Appreciate humble sailboat cruising.
  • Watch the wonderful dawn and dusk while strutting on the pretty beach.
  • Take a sailboat ride in the sunset.
  • Visit the touring places towards Kottakuppam.

7. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The emerald slopes and sapphire skies of Ooty make it the first choice for the newly-weds. Truth be told, for a seriously long time, Ooty has been the top sentimental goal in Southern India.

Essentially, couples who still swear by old-school romance, Ooty is the ideal spot. It's the place that offers an explorer the best of bumpy enchantment just as the old-world pioneer duende. As you look into and travel around the spot with your cherished one, the magnificent perspectives loan an enormous romantic vibe to the entire experience.

Ooty Tamil Nadu Rose Garden honeymoon destinations in south India
One of the top honeymoon destinations in South India has the most beautiful rose and botanic gardens

Things to do in Ooty:

  • Sailing in Pykara Lake.
  • Invest a great deal of time in Pine Forest.
  • Take a ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway.
  • Go to Avalanche Lake for an awe-striking experience.
Nilgiri Mountain Railway Ooty South India
Book a train ticket on Nilgiri Mountain Railway for a memorable tour in Ooty!

South India is truly the top fantastic arrival for a seamless honeymoon. You can forget Istanbul, the Maldives or Europe, and have the most amazing and unforgettable getaway with the best honeymoon destinations in South India.

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