Top 10 Most Overrated Cities India And Around The World And Hilarious Reasons Behind

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 28, 2020

As coronavirus continues to spread all over the world, most of us are now self-isolated at home. Scrolling through social media feed, we bumped into a funny twitter thread about the top 10 overrated travel destinations around the globe. Check them out!

In this confusing time, the best thing we can do to end the pandemic spread is practicing self-quarantine home. Besides that, multiple cities like Pune or Mumbai are being locked down, so traveling seems pretty much out of question at the moment. Since locking yourself indoors can be extremely boring at times and probably most of you are craving for vacation already, let’s talk about travel today. 

On Twitter, we came across a thread posted by a user named 'Yes please'. He created a list of the most ten overrated cities in India and around the world, which we think that you would be curious about. Keep reading to find out which places are on the list.

Overrated Cities India Banaras Varanasi
Top overrated cities no 10: Banaras (Varanasi), India

10. Banaras/ Varanasi

 Coming at the 10th place of the list is Banaras/ Varanasi. According to Yes please’s tweet, while being painted as some mystic haven in fairy tales, this place actually gave unpleasant travel experience. He describes Banaras/ Varanasi as a hole with a lot of rabid money, carcasses floating on the Ganga, racist hosts and white addicts. 

Overrated Cities Venice
Top overrated cities no.9:Vernice, Italy

9. Venice

When thinking about Venice, most of us will fantasize about being on a gondola, dreamily gazing at the canals while hearing gondoliers sing. Well, in fact, the canals smell up. In his tweet, he also added that being on a gondola is actually expensive (150 Euro for each trip). Venice’s residents are no longer in town as they all have moved out. And if that isn’t bad enough, every establishment not only just a tourist trap but also closes at 6.PM

Overrated Cities Paris
Top overrated cities no.8: Paris, French

8. Paris

Moving on to number 8, we have Paris! Here we go, the city of love, of light, the fashion capital - Paris. Paris is definitely a romantic location but let’s not forget its dark sides. The city is literally filled with hustlers, a bunch of in-hotel robbers as well as pickpockets on the streets. Paris’s people are not friendly at all if we don’t have to say that they are among the rudest. 

Overrated Cities Los Angeles
Top overrated cities no.7: Los Angeles, The USA

7. Los Angeles

 The city of Angels comes at no.7 on the list. If you are a hopeless romantic and have watched numerous Hollywood movies, you would fantasize about LA as a city of dreams. However, movies didn’t tell you that the city is packed with homeless crack addicts and making ways downtown is such a nightmare, did they? Traffic in LA is one of the worst with terrible gridlock.     

Overrated Cities Shanghai
Top overrated cities no.6: Shanghai, China

6. Shanghai

For this 6th spot, we have Shanghai, the city will drive you crazy for the lack of access to gmail or google map. Contradicting the glitzy image that they’ve built, the city actually closes at 7.PM and the only thing you find after that are counterfeit and pimps sellers solely. 

Overrated Cities Mysore
Top overrated cities no.5: Mysore, India

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5. Mysore

 Mysore, as known as the Veg Kolhapuri city shows up at 5th place. The fact that the garden with a musical fountain turns out to be a central part by the side of Infosys campus is such a shame. If buying silk with hyped prices after eating soggy Dasaprakash dosa is what you are looking for, then just come to Mysore.

Overrated Cities Porto Duoro Valley
Top overrated cities no.4:Porto/Duoro Valley, Portugal

4. Porto/Duoro valley

'Yes please' says this place is terrible due to a lot of unpleasant experiences that he’s had from wine to food. Diving from a bridge at 50+ feet high to a river that stinks is also not an exciting thing to do. 

Overrated Cities Barcelona
Top overrated cities no.3: Barcelona, Spain

3. Barcelona

It’s hard to believe but the city has taken the second-runner up spot. The most annoying thing is the weird-shaped building named Torre Agbar will follow you all around the city. Please note that at Las Ramblas restaurants, they actually microwave supermarket paellas for the sake of credulous food bloggers. 

Overrated Cities New York
Top overrated cities no.2: New York, The USA

2. New York

So New York is the second most overrated place in the world, according to Yes please. Considering the fact that Trump Tower is New york’s redeeming factor is already bad enough. 

Overrated Cities Hyderabad
Top overrated cities no.1: Hyderabad, India

1.  Hyderabad

Ranked at the top overrated cities, it’s no one but  Hyderabad. All the “city of Nizams” “Grand palaces” and “Dazzling minarets” things are making no sense! If you find yourself hopeless in getting an IT job in Bangalore or seriously want to cram for the IITJEE 3rd attempt then just go there!

Apart from most overrated cities to travel, here is the top 10 underrated travel destinations for you to add to your travel checklist and let's pray for the outbreak to get over.

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