BTS ARMY - How They Become The Most Powerful Fandom In The World 2020

Hanima Anand |Dec 25, 2020

BTS fandom ARMY is no doubt the most powerful fandom in the world 2020, but it’s no coincidence for them to get this position. See how they made it!

Who has the most powerful fandom in the world 2020?

The Korean boyband BTS, a.k.a Bangtan Boys, is currently having the most powerful fandom in the world which is named ARMY.

ARMY stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. According to latest reports, up to 48 million unique accounts are members of this organized fandom.

Bts Photo 1
BTS is having the most powerful fandom in the world in 2020.

The Hyundai Research Institute even found that 70% of annual visitors to South Korea are because of BTS, bringing about $3.6 billion to the country till date. Within the next 10 years, this number is projected to reach $37 billion.

How ARMY become the most powerful fandom in the world?

BTS is a talented band, but there are secrets behind their fandom which make it the largest one on Earth. Following are some notable factors that contribute to the expansion of ARMY who is the most powerful fandom in the world 2020.

  • ARMY translation accounts

This strategy helps to clear the disadvantage of BTS as a non-English speaking band. Though they don’t release their albums in an international language, BTS has a massive network of translation accounts across social media.

These fan accounts are responsible for translating almost everything from their idols to their native language, bridging the gap between BTS and foreign fans.

Bts Army Fans
BTS's foreign fans rely on translation accounts to understand the lyrics and BTS social posts.

For example, a Twitter account by Jiye Kim takes charge of translating all the song lyrics, video content, and BTS social media posts to English. She has done this job since 2017 to help introduce BTS to new audiences. Kim’s translation account attracts over 270,000 followers till date.

Another case is Claire Min, the owner of a 350,000-follower account on Twitter that specializes in translating live video streams of BTS. She started her job in 2018 and also promoted the learning of Korean language to help fans feel more connected with their idols.

To do that, she breaks down every social media post of each BTS member and translates word by word for international fans. These #BTSvocab posts receive huge attention from foreign ARMYs who want to give their idol’s language a try.

In fact, there are many other BTS ARMY translation accounts but each has its own unique style to hook viewers. However, all of these social handles are contributing to unite Armys and attract new members to the fandom, especially those abroad.

  • Trending BTS hashtags

With the increasing influence of social media on people’s lives, taking advantage of technical tools is the key to dominate almost every market. ARMY understand this and apply it perfectly.

It’s not hard to see the trend of hashtags for idols on Twitter. There are accounts that focus on generating trending BTS hashtags. The goal is to get ARMYs or BTS to see it. Chances are that their idols will reply to their tweets or get more fans from these.

Bts Photo 2
Each time BTS release a new track, its name instantly becomes a hashtag on social media.

That’s not to mention the records these hashtags are bringing to this South Korean boy band. Whenever there’s a voting competition on any music charts, BTS-related hashtags will be promoted to call for ARMYs’ support. The feelings of being part of a youth empire, contributing to get their idol to the top, encourage every ARMY to take action.

Though there are innumerable hashtags about BTS flooding social media, some major trends stand out. The special hashtag #5thFlowerPathWithBTS in 2018 instantly became the No.1 worldwide trend on Twitter after being tweeted more than 800,000 times. It’s created to mark the fifth anniversary of BTS's debut back in 2013.

Bts Hashtag Screenshot
The latest BTS-related tweet at Christmas is also trending with 161K tweets till now.
  • An ARMY of goodwill

Unlike many other fandoms who compete to buy their idols the most expensive gifts, ARMY is an organization of goodwill. They not only promote a friendly kind-hearted image of BTS fandom online, but they do help to tackle social issues in real life.

ARMY has introduced a lot of campaigns to raise funds for charity or promoted UNICEF programs to end violence. On a member’s birthday, each ARMY is encouraged to make donations to better the world. Or they spend over $9,000 to grow 1,200 trees as a birthday gift to their Korean idol. The mini-forest is then named after a BTS member.

Bts Concert Photo
These people are just part of ARMY worldwide who attend a BTS concert.

In 2018, this world's most powerful fandom launched a campaign with Medical Teams International to provide medical care to Syrians. On another occasion, ARMY successfully raised over $3,800 to grant scholarships for South Korean orphanages via the non-profit organization OIAA.

In 2020, ARMY also responded to the call of BTS over the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, donating up to $1 million in total.

That is to say, BTS fandom ARMY has proved their influence beyond the entertainment aspect. A substantial development for the world can be listed as their goal led by the boy band itself. This is also the reason why ARMY maintains its position as the most powerful fandom in the world.

Who is BTS?

BTS (Bangtan Boys) is the most popular South Korean boy band at the moment. They have 7 members, including Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

BTS was formed in 2010 but it’s not until 2013 that they had their debut under Big Hit Entertainment. The boy band is well-known for co-writing and co-producing their own products along with amazing performance abilities.

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Bts At Times Square
BTS performing at Times Square on New Year's Eve

First started as a hip hop group, BTS has stretched out to various genres. However, the major focus on their songs is contemporary social issues, such as mental health, troubles of the youth or the journey to find oneself back. This approach is a sensible choice to connect with young people nowadays. It’s also the key factor to orient meaningful activities of ARMY.

Outside South Korea, BTS also exert profound impacts on Japanese and United States music lovers. They are the first Korean group to top the US Billboard 200 then Billboard Hot 100 with Love Yourself: Tear in 2018 and Dynamite in 2020. BTS has performed on several world tours now. They were also among the hottest artists to perform at Times Square on 2020 New Year’s Eve.

With their enormous fandom and influence, BTS is the band of awards. During their 7 years in the industry, BTS have won 244 out of 359 music award nominations all over the world.

Who Has The Most Powerful Fandom In The World 2020
Hope BTS ARMY can keep their spirit in years to come.

If you haven’t heard the name of Bangtan Boys or ARMY, the most powerful fandom in the world 2020, it’s probably your fault not to keep up with the world news, really.

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