Rapper Jub Jub's "Ndikhokhele" Remix Attains A Big Streaming Milestone

Salena Harshini |Mar 09, 2021

Jub Jub’s Ndikhokhele remix achieves massive streaming number. He has constantly expressed his gratitude to South Africans for being forgiving towards him.

Rapper and TV host Jub Jub has witnessed a dramatic turn in his life after he was released. Currently, his new remix Ndikhokhele has attained a huge streaming milestone.

While he has constantly shown his gratitude towards South Africans for forgiving him, he has also shared on Instagram that his track Ndikhokhele is certified Gold.

Jub Jub 2
The latest track of Jub Jub has earned him a considerable milestone for his career.

For the unknown, it has surpassed 2 million streams. The rapper captioned his note,  “Forever Grateful“.

If you have not known, Ndikhokhele remix is the remake of Ndikhokhele 2007 hit in his album My Shine.

Jub Jub 1
The track is welcomed by South Africans music fans.

The song features numerous talented names

His track also features Mlindo The Vocalist, Rebecca Malope, Benjamin Dube, the Nathi, Tkinzy, Blaq Diamond, and Judith Sephuma.

Shortly post the release, the song went to top the Apple Music Charts for two weeks in a row. The music video for Ndikhokhele has also garnered more than 3 million views. It is a considerable achievement for South African artists.

Regarding the release of his song, Jub Jub also held a press conference at which he made an announcement that all of the song’s proceeds will go to the tribes affected by his incident in 2010.

Jub Jub Remix
The track also includes many other famous SA artists like Benjamin Dube. Mlindo The Vocalist, Rebecca Malope, Lebo Sekgobela, among others.

As he was let out on parole, the rapper also made an explanation that he hasn’t had any contact with the victims’ families.

In fact, he has worked on a number of singles including one name Rapela and another song featuring Dr. Malinga called Uyajola 9/9. Whether Jub Jub will release an album soon is still unknown.

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