Daft Punk Break Up | Have You Ever Known Their Real Faces Without Helmets?

Hanima Anand |Feb 23, 2021

The legendary electric dance duo Daft Punk just announced their separation after 28 years. Take a look at most remarkable facts of this classic duo!

Fans of the legendary French EDM duo Daft Punk just got their hearts broken when seeing the latest video of the duo, hinting their break-up. The clip named Epilogue features the pair in typical Daft Punk suits and helmets on a windy desert.

In the video, the duo slowly walks away from each other before returning to destroy themselves. The hint was then confirmed by the longtime publicist Kathryn Frazier that Daft Punk had called it quit after 28 years.

Daft Punk break-up reason

While their latest video Epilogue serves as an announcement of their break-up, no reason has been revealed till now.

On their official accounts, there are no posts related to their separation either. Below their self-destruction video on Youtube, the duo just put two hashtags #DaftPunk and #Epiloque without giving any description or explanation for the content.

Daft Punk Break Up
The electronic music duo Daft Punk in their typical robotic costumes

In fact, Daft Punk might have the intention of disbandment earlier. In 2017, rumours were rife about a Daft Punk Alive 2017 tour but reports confirmed that the duo had no plan for tours in the future. The duo then held a pop-up show in Hollywood as a commemoration, displaying all the costumes they had worn throughout the years.

Despite their absence from music projects, the surprise vid Epilogue announcing an end to Daft Punk is still a shock to many fans of EDM.

Daft Punk real faces without helmets

Formed in 1993 in Paris, Daft Punk was among the most successful electronic music duos in France and all over the world. They not only attracted a huge fan base for the bold music movement but also appealed to many for their mysterious robotic looks.

Daft Punk Real Faces 1
At the beginning of their career, Daft Punk didn't wear helmets.

Actually, Daft Punk didn’t wear their robot costumes before 1999. Since that year, the duo has often performed in robotic helmets and signature suits. They rarely appeared on TV or did interviews, which increased their mystery.

Therefore, many people have searched for Daft Punk real faces behind the helmets and were taken aback. The two young men look so different from one’s imagination when listening to their music.

Daft Punk Real Faces 2
The duo started wearing masks in 1999 and avoided interviews.

We think that even after Daft Punk break-up, lots of people have no idea of Daft Punk faces without helmets. By the way, do you even know their real names as Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter?

Daft Punk Real Faces 3
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are their real names.

Daft Punk albums over the years

Throughout their 28 years working in the music industry, Daft Punk has released 7 albums, regardless of singles and a surprise video Epilogue in 2021.

Their debut album Homework premiered in 1997, including their very first successful singles Da Funk and Alive.

The next one was Discovery in 2001. This was indeed recorded during 1999-2001 and followed by a remix album Daft Club in 2003.

Album Human After All in 2005 received mixed criticism and also accompanied a remix album after that.

In 2007, Daft Punk released its live album Alive 2007, including their performances during their Alive 2007 tour in Paris.

Daft Punk Alive 2007 Tour
Daft Punk at their Alive 2007 tour in Paris

In 2009, Daft Punk produced 24 tracks for the film Tron: Legacy, which were then included in the album Tron: Legacy Reconfigured by Walt Disney Records.

The year 2013 witnessed the launch of their last album Random Access Memories which bagged the Album of the Year at Grammy Awards. In fact, during this time, Daft Punk also co-produced Yeezus with Kanye West.

The last time the audience saw Daft Punk in a music track was in 2016 when The Weeknd featured the duo in his Starboy and I Feel It Coming. The latter was also the last Daft Punk’s single.

Daft Punk break up is not just an end of a music duo. It’s a regret for the blossoming of EDM genre in France as well as in the world. Though more artists will come and continue what Daft Punk was doing, this duo would always be our legend in the worldwide music industry.

Daft Punk Break Up
Goodbye Daft Punk!

Goodbye Daft Punk and thank you for everything!

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