One Direction vs BTS: Who Is Better? Who Is Richer? Who Is More Famous? Here Is Everything

Leela Adwani |Jul 24, 2020

Detailed comparisons between One Direction and BTS! Check out!

The comparisons between One Direction vs BTS have always been flooded on social media. Hail from two generations but whether their popularity and their media coverage measure up to each other or not, the lowdown below will give you the answer!

One Direction Vs Bts Ft
Detailed comparisons between One Direction vs BTS

One Direction could be childhood, the memory of Gen Y who might almost start a family now. They were the legend in the heart of millions of fangirls. The boy group was formed when Simon Cowel put five teenagers Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan into a band in the X Factor UK 2017. Even though they were not the winners at the competition, their career after X Factor was way more glorious. It’s not far off the mark to say during their heyday, One Direction ruled the music scene.

On the other hand, the Korean boy group BTS was established in the year 2013 with seven members RM, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, V, and Suga. Didn’t start with a bang, BTS has given extra miles to prove their talent and yes, they have changed the face of the Korean music industry forever. BTS is the one group in South Korea that makes it big in the international market.

One Direction vs BTS billboard

BTS is proving to the world’s biggest boy band and it can be seen on Billboard charts. The group took the world by storm with the release of the album Map of the Soul: 7 that hit the number one spot in its first week on the Billboard charts. The album also became the biggest week of 2020 with nearly 422,000 units sold right in the first week.

One Direction Vs Bts 2
BTS is predicted to be America's most-loved boy band

With this impressive sales record, seven Korean boys came closer to their seniors One Direction. For those who don’t know, 1D also held the biggest week when 459,000 units of album Made in the A.M. were sold in the year 2015.

Speculations are rife that the rivalry between One Direction vs BTS on the Billboard will get intense when BTS releases their next release. Many said that Korean boys will definitely take over the record of One Direction.

Who is more famous One Direction vs BTS?

It has been a tough question when we have to answer who is more famous between One Direction vs BTS. If 1D is loved for their soothing melody, boyfriend-material-type lyrics, and teeny-boy vibes, BTS wins the hearts of the fans with their amazing visuals, epic choreography, and clever lyrics.

The number doesn’t tell lies. According to a research of Chartmetic about the daily social media achievements of two groups, 1D and BTS truly gain impressive milestones.

Take a look!

1d Vs Bts Stat
The reports about One Direction's social media achievements
1d Vs Bts Stat 2
BTS' social media statistics

Apparently, 1D has still reached impressive numbers even when they are not even active anymore. With 6.6k daily new followers on Spotify, 7.5M daily views on Youtube, and 6.4K daily new followers on Twitter, One Direction can still prove their influence on music listeners.

Comparatively, BTS generates 5.1k Spotify followers daily, 6.6 million Youtube views, and a whopping 24K daily new Twitter followers.

However, these two groups were not at more opposite career phases, so it’s unfair to say BTS is better or more popular than 1D when looking at the social media statistics.

BTS vs One Direction vote 2020

Both BTS and 1D have a massive fan following and their fandoms are also extremely loyal to a whole another level. While Directioners will always keep 1D in their hearts, ARMY is of course always by BTS’ side no matter what happens.

One Direction Vs Bts 3
BTS attends several international awards shows

Pinkvilla created a poll to figure out which boy band’s music is more addictive between One Direction vs BTS.

One Direction Vs Bts 4
BTS get a higher number of votes on Pinkvilla's poll

As of now, BTS is having a higher number of votes that account for 52% while One Direction’s percentage is 48%

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One Direction vs BTS memes

Being a public figure means that their life is always on the radar of not only paparazzi but also the eagle-eyed fans. There are plenty of funny photos doing the rounds on the Internet.

The more popular they are, the more memes about them are surfaced online. Our boys perfectly set the ultimate example for this situation.

There are numerous memes about them on the Internet. Just type the keyword “One Direction vs BTS memes”, Google instantly gives 60,50,000 results within 0.5 seconds.

Here are some, take a look!

One Direction Vs Bts 5
Many said that BTS is just a duplicate Asian version of One Direction
One Direction Vs Bts 6
They are a huge source of memes
One Direction Vs Bts 7
The funny memes can bring good laughs

One Direction net worth

The net worth of celebrities always grabs eyeballs. Here is a ranking of 1D member according to their net worth.

Reportedly, Liam Payne is the one who has the lowest net worth in the group with $60 million. Zayn Malik’s net worth is reportedly the second-lowest of One Direction with $65 million despite the fact that he was the first member to leave the group to pursue his solo career.

One Direction Vs Bts 8
Harry Styles has the highest net worth in the group

Niall Horan is in the middle with $70 million in his net worth. Interestingly, Louis Tomlinson has also the same net worth as Niall Horan. And Harry Styles is the member having the highest net worth in the group with $75 million.

BTS net worth

The rivalry between One Direction vs BTS doesn’t stop at the social media statistics only but the net worth also. It’s not far off the mark to say BTS owns impressive breaking records that rarely do we have any Gen Z group can do. BTS is the first group to have 3 No.1 albums within a year since legendary The Beatles.

One Direction Vs Bts 9
Meanwhile, J-Hope is the richest member of BTS

BTS is worth more than $3.6 billion per year for South Korea’s economy. They greatly contribute to a surge in tourism and enhance the image as well as the popularity of the country.

In terms of personal net worth, J-Hope has the highest net worth with $12 million in the group. The rest of the members have reportedly around $8 million net worth each.

No matter how many comparisons about One Direction vs BTS have been made, they are always two of the best boy groups in the 21st century.

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