Arjun Fans Show Off With #HPBDAlluArjun Top 1 On Twitter? This Korean Fandom Bought Their Idol An Entire Forest!

Hanima Anand |Apr 08, 2020

Allu Arjun might be the happiest man today when his birthday is celebrated in a very special way from fans. But you should know this is not the most impressive gift a celebrity has got. Take a look at these!

When it comes to an idol’s birthday, every fan wants to give him or her the best gift. Like on Allu Arjun birthday today, his fans have just pushed the hashtag #HappyBirthdayAlluArjun to the No.1 trending on Twitter and their idol must be very proud of it. However, this is nothing compared to these impressive birthday gifts from Korean fans we have collected below!

1. A forest with 1200 trees

The most recent birthday gift from the biggest fandom in Korea sent to BTS member is a mini forest with 1200 trees.

Birthday Gifts From Korean Fans
The gifted forest on RM's birthday.

RM, a member in BTS, often shares his interest in environment protection so ARMY – the BTS fandom, has raised over $9,000 to grow 1200 trees as a birthday gift. This mini forest is named “BTS RM Forest No.1”

A “BTS RM Forest No.2” with even more trees is also being planned and may come into reality very soon.

2. Advertisements at New York Times Square

Well, you may ask why this is so special? Simply because of its mind-blowing cost to run a commercial on a board here.

According to reports, the price to run a 15-second ad every hour in a week at New York Times Square is at least $30,000, depending on which building board you choose.

Jessica Birthday Gift
Imagine how much it cost for a 18-minute video?

Jessica from Girls Generation is the lucky celeb to receive this gift. On her birthday, a 18-minute video clip was broadcast in 11 giant LED screens and repeated every 18 minutes. The total cost for this project was estimated up to $350,000.

BTS and EXO music bands are also gifted these expensive ads in 2017. They were shown around 20-30 times here, all paid by their fandoms.

3. A library

Also a gift from Korean fans to their idol – Yunho of TVXQ.

The library was built in this artist’s hometown, Gwangsan and focuses on promoting cultural values. It is a large library with its own space for exhibition and concert.

Yunho Library Birthday Gift
This library is a very meaningful birthday gift from Korean fans.

4. Buffet for the entire film production team

Yeah, when you love your idol, you thank his supporting team as well. That’s exactly the message this generous fan wants to deliver.

Buffet For Birthday
A buffet and clothes for nearly 200 people, an impressive birthday gift!

When Jaejoong, a member of TVXQ in Korea, was filming Triangle in 2014, his fan sent in winter clothes and prepared a big feast for all 180 people in his production team.

5. A real star named after celebrity

You read that right. These fans won’t miss anything to make their idols happy.

A lot of fandoms have bought real stars in the galaxy for their idols so these celestial bodies are named after the celebrities.

Who knows, later when we can travel in outer space for fun, we may see such stars named Jessica Jung, CN Blue or something similar from Korea.

Blackpink Lightstick Concert
To afford these thousand lightsticks, Korean fandoms must love their idols so much.
Birthday Gifts From Korean Fan
This is just half of birthday gifts a Korean idol received.

What do you think about these birthday gifts? Will you be willing to buy your favorite stars those expensive things?

Leave your comments below!

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