How Many Tattoo Jungkook Has? Full List Of BTS Jungkook Tattoo And The Meaning Behind Them

Bhavna Acharya |May 21, 2020

From having no visible tattoos, within months, BTS’s Jungkook has added quite a number of new tattoos to his collection. Check out Jungkook tattoo full list and the meaning behind them!

Since the first tattoo spotted in September 2019, the number of his tattoos has increased so rapidly that even fans found it hard to keep track of. If you are curious about how many tattoo Jungkook has or what it the meaning Jungkook Tattoo, check out the all-inclusive list that we’ve made down below.

1. Jungkook Tattoo ARMY

Jungkook Tattoo Army
BTS Jungkook has a lot of mini tattoo on his right hand

Jungkook Tattoo is always the talk of the town has this collection continues to grow. This tattoo first came into the public eye when the band reunited after the 2019’s summer vacation. As soon as Jungkook made his appearance at the airport, fans immediately noticed that there was a tattoo on his hand. The tattoo says “ARMY” with the A that has no horizontal line. As the A looks like a flipped “V”, fans guess that besides paying a tribute to ARMY, Jungkook also takes inspiration from initials of V, RM, and Yoongi.

2. “J”

Jungkook Tattoo Emoji
Jungkook Tattoo collection includes ARMY letter and logo, a J letter, a heart, a crown and a tiny emoji

This “J” is another tattoo that Jungkook has on the same hand. Inked on his ring finger, it lines up with the “M” in “ ARMY. This tattoo has strengthened fans’ belief in the initials theory which suggests that these uppercase letters stand for J-Hope, Jimin, and Jin’s names.

3. Plus signs

Jungkook Tattoo Army Logo
There are many speculations around the plus sign tattoo on his hand

Upholding the initials theory, ARMYs refer to these plus signs as something that connects “ARMY” and members' names together.

4. A heart

Jungkook Tattoo J
the number of Jungkook tattoo is growing over the time

The presence of a little heart right below the ARMY tattoo could possibly be the implication of Jungkook's appreciation for fans.

5. The ARMY Logo

Jungkook Tattoo Crossword Copy
He also has an army logo tattoo on his hand

Along with the “ARMY” tattoo is the fan base’s logo. The fandom’s symbol is actually a reversed version of BTS’s logo. The message behind the logo is that whenever BTS opens a new door, ARMYs will have been waiting on the other side.

6. A Crown

jungkook tattoo hand
He has a small crown on his index finger

Right on his pointer finger is the crown tattoo, which can be considered as the most visible one compared to other tattoos. However, unlike those previously-mentioned tattoos, this crown really got fans clueless about its meaning.

7. An Emoji

Jungkook Tattoo Emoji
and an emoji on the middle finger

You may have noticed that his right hand is full of mini tattoos by now. In case you think that you’ve seen every single one of them, look closer. There is actually a micro emoji inked on his right finger, which is relatively hard to catch sight of. Based on Emojipedia's data, its name is “the woozy face”.

8. “0613”

Jungkook Tattoo 1603 1
the meaning of Jungkook tattoo 0613 is the debut day of BTS

Jungkook had this tattoo which says "0613" inked underneath his right thumb. According to ARMY, it’s likely that this number marks the band’s debut which is on June 13, 2013

9. Crossword Tattoo

Jungkook Tattoo Crossword
Jungkook tattooed his motto 'Rather be dead than cool' on his arm

Fans all know Jungkook’s motto is the famous line from Nirvana’s “Stay Away”. During a livestream back in 2018, the k-pop idol mentioned "Rather be dead than cool." as his motto. It seems like the motto means a lot to him that he decided to put the lyrics on his arm.

Although ARMY hasn’t fully seen the tats, they are certain that the motto is just a part of a bigger crossword tattoo. Based on what fans know, there is another phrase that says "make hay while the sun shines” that goes the opposite direction.

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10. Skeleton Hand

jungkook tattoo skeleton hand
Jungkook skeleton hand tattoo

A skeleton hand is tattooed on Jungkook’s right arms to go along with his motto. It seems like the skeleton hand is making the “rock n’ roll” sign.

11. Mystery Shoulder Tattoo

Jungkook Tattoo Shoulder
Jungkook Tattoo is one of the hottest topics of K-pop fans

Fans managed to spot a new tattoo on his shoulder during his appearance in "ON" Kinetic Manifesto Film. Since he was wearing a jacket the whole time, the entire design could hardly be shown. However, ARMY speculates that this is an angel.

12. Writing On Inner Right Arm

Jungkook Tattoo Arm
He also has a mystery tattoo under his right arm that no one has ever seen

In the same video, fans also noticed that there was a hand-writing design on Jungkook’s inner right arm. The meaning of Jungkook Tattoo is a mystery to his fans.

13. Black Stripes

Jungkook Tattoo Black Stripes
Jungkook tattoo collection continues to grow

With this simple-but-chic design, fans suppose that these 3 stripes represent the Korean flag.

14. Forearm Tattoo

Jungkook Tattoo
BTS Jungkook reveals his forearm tattoo in a scene from ON

In the conch shell scene from the music video for “ON", fans can all see Jungkook’s forearm tattoo. The design appears to be a tiger lily flower accompanied by the phrase "Please love me" written underneath.

Jungkook tattoo collection has grown so fast and has shown no sign of stopping. On that account, ARMYs definitely have to keep a close eye on their idol in order to keep track of his tattoo collection.

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