Top Summer Destinations In India For 2020 Because You Deserve One

Chandran |May 08, 2020

India is a large country with many tourist attractions. It can get hard to decide on where to go as your summer destinations in India. Let us narrow it down for you by offering our top picks.

Are you looking for sandy beaches to curl your toes under the sun and douse yourself in the cool and refreshing turquoise water? Or are you in a hiking mood to inhale fresh, breezy air from the highlands regions while walking off the excess fat you’ve accumulated during the lockdown? is here to suggest for you our carefully-selected summer destinations in India, for whatever your ideal vacation might be and however large your budget is.

1. Yercaud - Paradise for trekkers

Tucked away in the mountainous region of Shevaroy Hills of Tamil Nadu’ Eastern Ghats, this town is a quiet, calm, and photogenic destination. It is also known for its many farms and vegetations, some of which include orange, pepper, coffee, and other spices.

Summer Destinations in India Yercaud
Yercaud is well-known for its picturesque scenery.

The best thing about this town is it is yet an overcrowded tourist destination. Despite the few tourist-targeted businesses and establishments, Yetcaud still fits to be the ideal summer destinations in India.

It has just been freed from the rough gem status and is slowing emerging as a notable regional destination. Its cool climate is especially fitting for a vacation during the hottest season of the year.

2. Darjeeling - Not just heaven for tea lovers

Not everyone knows that the famous black tea’s name is derived from this charming town. However, within India, its popularity needs no introduction. Its climate is also rare in India, which makes this the one-of-the-kind destination within the country. There’s hardly another place in which the annual average temperature is below 20 degrees Celcius.

If you want a suggestion for the best places to visit in India in May without worrying that the heat will tire you down, then Darjeeling meets all your criteria.

Summer Destinations in India 2
Come to Darjeeling for hot tea and cool weather.

Imagine climbing on top of a mountain in this hill town, all exhausted. Then, you can reward yourself with sips of the famous tea while letting the greenery’s beauty take your breath away. It seems perfect just to think about it.

3. Maple Beach - Bangaloreans' weekend getaway

Located in the same state as Bangalore, Maple Beach is one of the most popular beaches west of the country. However, it still takes 7 hours to drive here from Bangalore. Still, you won’t regret it.

Summer Destinations In India
Maple Beach can be a weekend destination for Bangalore dwellers, too.

Watersports activities like kayaking, water scooter-riding, parasailing,… they all are awaiting their future vacationers who are looking for summer destinations in India.

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4. Thiruvananthapuram – Where concrete meets sand

Being the most populous city on this list of top summer destinations in India, this could be the one that suits the mass’ majority. If you’re with a group of friends then allow us at Starbiz to recommend this town to you.

The more people your group is, the harder it is to please everybody’s preference. If such a situation arises, Thiruvananthapuram would be your savior. It has giant shopping malls, vibrant clubbing scenes for your out-going buddies.

Summer Destinations In India E
Thiruvananthapuram has a robust city center not far from the beach.

As for the introvert or indoorsy members of the group, the beach is always there for them to indulge themselves in a good book while listening to the waves and pelicans,...

As for couples, this city is a perfect honeymoon destination in India in May. It is because it flaunts India’s only resort on a beach’s clifftop – Leela Kovalam.

5. Calangute - Perfect blend of history and beauty

Known within India as the “Queen of all Beaches”, Calangute has everything you can look for in a beach town.

Goa is the state that is best known for its long-stretching beaches and white sand and among all of the beaches, Calangute is the most well-known.

Summer Destinations In India Calangute
Europe's influence is still prevalent in Calangute.

Other than the famous marine features, Calagute’s is doubled with the presence of its Latin Quarter. It boosts the characteristic of many Latin countries but Portuguese is the most prominent of all. The Portuguese influence features cozy villas with ancient European architecture. Furthermore, colorful houses with charming balconies scattered with flowers make you think as if you’re lost in a Lisbon alley. The charm of this town makes it the perfect destination for your honeymoon or even, just friends reunion.

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6, Anjuna – Little town, big surprise

The word "town" might be an oversell for this place. It is actually only a village. However, despite its small size and population, it has many things to offer to its visitors.

Summer Destinations In India E Jpeg3
Trance parties are something you may enjoy here.

Firstly, its most important attraction – the beach. It’s clean and very close to a flea market that opens 2 days a week. Once you get bored of swimming or sun tanning, affordable local restaurants and great flea-market bargains are just minutes away on foot.

Imagine on your honeymoon vacation, holding your just-married loved one’s hand strolling down the flea market, looking for cute handicrafts to decorate your home with. It can’t get any more romantic than that.

However, if the people you’re going on vacation with are your friends or family then you’re in luck. There’re trance parties every week, held by both local organizers and fellow tourists. In short, Anjuna is the combination of both tranquility and upbeat lifestyle: laid-back in the daytime and dynamic when the night falls.

7. Radhanagar Beach – World’s 7th best beach

The best is saved for last, and it’s no other than Andaman’s own Radhanagar Beach. Its rare beauty has achieved many accolades. They include Asia’s best beaches and the World’s 7th best beach. Many tour operators recommend it for locals as well as international tourists to India.

Summer Destinations In India Dd
The rare moment in which Radhanagar is empty.

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Imagine your perfect beach vacation. White sand, clean shore, the abundance of maritime activities,… this one has it all. As the cherry on top, Radhanagar lies within the island of Havelock. And Havelock is just a paradise on Earth for couples on a honeymoon and for groups of friends looking for summer destinations in India for its many beaches if you’ll ever get tired of Radhanagar-which we seriously doubt.

Summer Destinations In India Dd
Besides Radhanagar, Havelock island also encompasses many other beautiful beaches.

Radhanagar, also called Beach no.7, is known as the perfect spot to watch sunrise and sunset. In spite of its extreme popularity, Radhanagar has quiet neighborhoods just outside of the beach area. This makes Radhanagar, as well as Havelock, the perfect summer destinations in India for couples on their honeymoon as they can get privacy and quietness whenever they want.

Have you made up your mind yet on where would your summer destinations in India be? Plan for your trip right now to make the most out of your post-lockdown time. Stay updated with Starbiz for more posts like this.


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