7 Creepiest Abandoned Vehicle Cemeteries Dare You To Visit Alone

Hanima Anand |Jun 08, 2020

There are many bizarre places in the world that give out creepy vibes even in broad daylight. These vehicle cemeteries are among the scariest places abandoned by humans. See photos!

While many of us can’t afford a car yet, a lot of usable cars are abandoned daily, stacked in the so-called car graveyards. Some are visited frequently but some scare people to death. Below are the creepiest vehicle cemeteries that you should never drop by.

They are, interestingly, beautiful in an eerie way that either attracts attention or keep human visitors far away. See their photos and feel their haunting vibes!

Creepy Vehicle Cemeteries
Abandoned things are often associated with creepy stories.

Kaufdorf Car Graveyard in Switzerland

This is a very old-aged vehicle cemetery, tracing back to 1933. It was owned by a man named Walter Messerli who had a strange interest of collecting scraps.

Kaufdorf Car Graveyard In Switzerland 1
Kaufdorf Car Graveyard In Switzerland

He decided to gather abandoned cars and carefully kept them in his vast land lot. During 50 years, he had collected hundreds of automobiles but it seemed not enough. His son continued the job and added up to 1,500 abandoned cars in total.

Kaufdorf Car Graveyard In Switzerland 2
Cars are left here gathering rust.

The number of cars here even surpassed the population at Kaufdorf. Sadly, this car graveyard was ordered to be removed in 2008 and most cars were sold.

Kaufdorf Car Graveyard In Switzerland 3
Would you dare to walk in this car graveyard?

Reliant Scimitar Graveyard in England

This is a special kind of car graveyard when it mostly contains Scimitar sports cars, making a remarkable sight at the spot.

Reliant Scimitar Graveyard In England 1
Reliant Scimitar Graveyard In England

What turns it into a haunting destination is the condition of these cars with missing windows and doors, combined with grass and mist in the early morning.

Reliant Scimitar Graveyard In England 2
The place looks exactly like a cemetery.
Reliant Scimitar Graveyard In England 3
Mist in the morning makes it look scarier to visit.

Ghost Bus Tunnel in Belgium

This place looks like setting in a horror movie.

Abandoned Tram And Trolleybus Tunnel In Belgium
The eerie look inside the tunnel.
Abandoned Tram And Trolleybus Tunnel In Belgium 1
The Ghost Bus Tunnel in Belgium

In an 800-meter-long tunnel lying abandoned trams and trolleybuses covered in dust. Vehicles left here are mostly old ones, but some have surprising age with sliding wooden doors and ancient furniture.

Abandoned Tram And Trolleybus Tunnel In Belgium 2
The furniture looks ancient, covered in dust.
Abandoned Tram And Trolleybus Tunnel In Belgium 3
Some very old designs were spotted in the abandoned tunnel

People don’t know why this tunnel fell into oblivion while many trams and buses here can be converted to other uses, such as in museum displays.

Abandoned Tram And Trolleybus Tunnel In Belgium 4
Imagine you walk into this and find someone else!

Ambulance Graveyard in the USA

The cemetery of ambulance is located in the Mojave Desert of the US. No need to look at photos yet, you can feel goosebumps at the combination of 3 words: graveyard, ambulance and desert.

Accidents, death, injuries, diseases are all things you can relate to when mentioning ambulance and now it’s abandoned on an endless desert. You will feel like someone is still sitting on those benches while another is lying on the bed covered in blood.

Ambulance Graveyard In The Us
Ambulance itself evokes scary scenes in people's minds.

This place deserves to be one of the creepiest places to walk through in the world.

Triumph Graveyard in the UK

This vehicle cemetery at Appleton, Cheshire evokes much pity for those who were once Triumph cars’ fans. From its prime time, Triumph gradually lost its status and falling into pieces.

Triumph Graveyard At Appleton Cheshire Uk 2
Triumph Graveyard at Appleton Cheshire in the UK
Triumph Graveyard At Appleton Cheshire Uk
Most cars suffer from serious damage by rust.

A range of its car models can be found here, filled with grass and dust. However, for the development of the neighborhood, this car graveyard has been cleared after all.

Triumph Graveyard At Appleton Cheshire Uk 3
A rusty steering wheel at the vehicle cemetery.

Reliant Robin Graveyard in Wales

Another British motoring brand has faded into memory, the Reliant Robin. It left behind one of the creepiest vehicle cemeteries in the world located in Wales.

Countless Reliant Robins lie gathering rust on an empty patch of grassland in Cae Dai 50s Museum.

Reliant Robin Graveyard In Wales
The car graveyard makes people feel pity for the British auto brand.

There hasn’t been any plan for this abandoned car collection yet but at least the company Cae Dai has returned to business. They might be able to find ways making use of these cars soon.

Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium

The last but not least creepy vehicle cemetery is Chatillon Car Graveyard of Belgium.

Chatillon Car Graveyard In Belgium 0
It is an eerie beauty.

Trust me, you should never walk here no matter how tempting it is. Just looking at it through photos makes one have nightmares.

Chatillon Car Graveyard In Belgium 1
Cars are stacked in the mid forest.

Hundreds of classic cars were abandoned in the misty woodlands while forest quickly grew up surrounding them, forming a mysterious spooky sight. Feel its atmosphere through these photos!

Chatillon Car Graveyard In Belgium 2
The scary look of abandoned cars here.
Chatillon Car Graveyard In Belgium 3
The moisture of local weather forms the scene.

If you are an adventurous and don’t believe in spiritual world, you might save this list of creepiest vehicle cemeteries on Earth to explore someday.

Should you do so, remember to let us know about your experience!

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