Visit These 6 Places In India In May To Enjoy Your Summer To The Fullest!

Leela Adwani |Apr 23, 2020

All destinations in India are touted as an amalgam of adventure, fun, and nature and they offer you the best paragliding in this country. Check out our best places to visit in India in May list!

Summer is here, the hottest season of the year has already arrived and irrespective of age, summers in India can take a toll on anyone. Of course, people seldom choose to step out of their houses around this time of the year. However, many consider it the perfect time to vacation in cooler destinations to cool off the constant heat. There is no end for the list of best places to visit in India in May that are surely astounding enough to make the best of your summer.

best places to visit in India in May - Ladakh
Ladakh is among the best places to visit in India in May.

While the whole country seems to face the scorching sun of summer, especially in May which is typically the peak month of the hot season, the northern and southernmost neighborhoods turn out to be the perfect escapade. From soothing temperature, pleasant weather, laid-back vibes to the romantic atmosphere, places like Kashmir, Mount Abu, or Ladakh will never disappoint any visitors with their pleasant weather along with breath-taking views.

All destinations in India are touted as an amalgam of adventure, fun, and nature and they offer you the best paragliding in this country. Today, we’ve compiled the list of best places to visit in India in May and hope you can get the answer to where are your next destinations.

1. Mount Abu - The gem of Rajasthan

Nestling in the Aravali Mountain Range, Mount Abu is the only hill station and also a treat of Mother Nature gifting for desert state Rajasthan. We bet you will love at first sight if one day you come across a picture of Mount Abu somewhere on the Internet and the first thing popping into your mind is how to get there. It’s not an overstatement to say there is more than just one reason to add Mount Abu into your must-go destinations list.

Best Places To Visit India In May - Mount Abu
The laid-back vibe in Mount Abu

If you are in search of a place to escape the heat of the summer and get away from the daily hustling life, this hill station is all you are looking for. With several lakes, lush forests, waterfalls, and rivers, not only your body cool down, so does your soul, your mind.

Places to visit in Mount Abu:

Toad Rock is one of the most famous spots in the neighborhood. The fun fact behind the name of this place is that it resembles a toad so it’s named Toad Rock. You can climb atop of the rock if you want to get an overlooking view of the Nakki Lake. Believe us, it will be a top-of-the-world feeling.

On the other hand, places like Abbhu Road, Dilwara Jain Temples, Guru Shikhar, Achalgarh Village, Wildlife Sanctuary, and Adhar Devi Temple are also worth paying a visit.

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2. Kashmir - A must-visit in India

When it comes to the word Kashmir, many might think of snow or the Himalayas into lakes. However, once you get there, the charm of this region will be beyond any of your imagination. The valley is surrounded by lakes and multicolored flora.

Best Places To Visit India In May 2
worth paying a visit
Best Places To Visit India In May Kashmir
The romantic and heart-breakingly beautiful scenery of Kashmir

Places to visit in Kashmir:

One of the top must-do activities is to take a boat ride in the Dal Lake. A sightseeing tour from a different view will give you a one-of-the-kind experience. Spectacular mountain reign from afar, the sun reflecting rays on the water surface along with colorful flowers are the best combination that Kashmir offers you only in May.

This is also a perfect place for those who are seeking honeymoon destinations in India or romantic trips with your loved one.

3. Ladakh - The dreamland for travelholics

Ladakh is, no need for introduction, the dreamland of many travelholics. This place is famous for rich Buddhist culture and the rugged mountain ranges. Ladakh is one of a few places in India where the tourists can embark on a culture trip and an adventure trip at the same time.

Best Places To Visit India In May Ladakh
Hiking enthusiasts' dreamland

Things to do in Ladakh:

Trekking and hiking are the highlights of your trip where you contemplate every corner of this picturesque place. Besides trekking, tourists can also indulge in other adventure sports like water rafting, biking, safaris among many others.

For those who are unversed, Ladakh which is known to be a magnificent and unexplored wonderland of the Himalayas is situated at an elevation of 2750 to 7673 meters above sea level.

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4. Mcleodganj - Home to adventure seekers

Macleodganj is hands down the dream destination for any adventure seeker. It is bound to take you one step closer to nature. Settled in the foothills of the Himalayas, once you get there you will find the answer to your question where are the best places to visit in India in May right away.

Best Places To Visit India In May 3
Words cannot describe how amazing it is

Things to do in Mcleodganj:

Embarking on a sightseeing tour to get a glimpse of this city, enjoying boating, trekking, camping, hiking on Triund, and chilling at Shiva Café should be added in your to-do list while visiting Mcleodganj.

Summer is a nightmare for many but the best time to explore this adventurous neighborhood with a pleasant average from 22°C to 38°C. Mcleodganj is also among the top 10 tourist destinations in India for nature lovers.

5. Lansdowne - The hidden gem of Uttarakhand

Praised as the hidden gem of Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is your dream destination you are a fan of far-flung and serene corners. It’s not far off the mark to say the list of best places to visit in India in May cannot complete without mentioning Lansdowne. The surreal hill station which is located in the North is a tranquil abode of peace and charm.

Weather is around 15°C to 30°C that offers a comfortable feeling for travelers.

Best Places To Visit India In May 4
Perfect for a short city getaway

Things to do in Lansdowne:

Soaking up in the mountainous vibes, emerged in nature by going camping is a must-try activity. Other than camping, boating in Bhulla lake, trekking to Snow Viewpoint, or visiting Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is also worth giving a try.

6. Kadmatt Island

Raise your hand if you are a beach/island addict, Kadmatt is just for you. The beautiful coral island is perfect for honeymooners or watersports enthusiasts. Belonging to the Amindivi subgroup, Kadmat Island or any Lakshadweep Islands is where you can enjoy the tropical climate to the fullest with the temperature around 25°C to 35°C.

Best Places To Visit India In May 5
Emerald Isle of Lakshadweep Islands

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Witch such suggestion above, we hope you can compile your own best places to visit in India in May list. Enjoy your summer!


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