These 7 Beach Destinations In India Are Way Better Than Goa, Check Them Out!

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 24, 2020

Although Goa is one of the most popular beaches in India, our country has so many other stunning beaches and we’ve left no stone unturned to present you this list of best beach destinations in India. Keep on reading!

When searching for top beach destinations in India, Goa would likely be the first name to strike our minds. Goa is widely known as a former Portuguese colony, which is just around an hour’s flight to the south of Mumbai. Being the most famous tourist attraction in India, Goa is packed with travelers all year round.

However, when it comes to tropical getaway destinations, this famous beachfront retreat is not your only option. In fact, India offers such a wide range of amazing sandy beaches that you can really take them into account. So what are the top beach destinations in India? Well, we’ve left no stone unturned to present you this list of best Indian beaches, so keep on reading. Whether it is for family gatherings, moon-style parties, or private holidays, this list provides you with destinations that can manage them all. Check it out!

Beach Detinations In India Gokarna Karnataka
The untouched beauty of Gokarna in Karnataka, one of the most stunning beach destinations in India

7. Gokarna, Karnataka Beach

Located on the coast of Karwar, Gokarna provides you with a full-on vacation package from beach getaway to spiritual experiences. This Hindu pilgrimage town contains different pristine beaches all featuring powdery white sands. As a newly discovered hub for beach bums, Gokarna is absolutely perfect for those who are looking for a slow, relaxing vacation.

If the thing you hate the most about summer vacations is crowded beaches, this place is definitely your No 1 option to go with.

Beach Detinations In India Tarkarli Maharashtra
Tarkarli will cast a spell on us with its charming white sand beaches and long palm line

6. Tarkarli, Maharashtra Beach

Goa won’t be a good idea if all you’re looking for is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tarkarli, Maharashtra, on the other hand, is just exactly the retreat you demand. This village offers tourists one of the most beautiful non-commercialized beaches in India with fine white sands. Apart from enjoying a laid-back experience, tourists can always commute with nature through multiple exciting activities from scuba diving, snorkeling to parasailing.

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Beach Detinations In India Kaup Karnataka
Kaup is also well-known for the antique lighthouse which offers the tourist a breathtaking view of the sea

5. Kaup, Karnataka Beach

Situated between Udupi and Mangaluru and set in the Netravati river’s backwater, Kaup is well-known for its gorgeous landscape. The seaside village is a such a vision with its two most stand-out colors of green and blue, painted by casuarina trees’ groves together with the open sea.

Besides the pristine seashores listed among most beautiful beach destinations in India, a century-old lighthouse is also one of the main tourist attractions of Kaup. From the top of the lighthouse, tourists are able to capture the breathtaking panoramic view of the whole area.

Beach Detinations In India Tharangambadi Tamil Nad
The signature landscape of Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu

4. Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu Beach

Tharangambadi, located in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu, was actually a Danish colony back in 1620. Just like the meaning "The Land of the Singing Waves", the town is famous for its alluring beach where waves dance eternally.

The picturesque landscape is not the only thing contributing to the enchanting beauty of  Tharangambadi. Besides that, there are multiple architecturally entrancing places around the town, from old churches to monuments. The san-colored building named Fort Dansborg is one of Tharangambadi’s highlights that you can not miss.

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Beach Detinations In India Puri Odisha
Puri, Odisha is also another popular beach tourist attraction in India

3. Puri, Odisha Beach

Puri is a beach city that belongs to an eastern state of India Odisha.

As a great mixture of religious land and a scenic spot, Puri attracts a huge number of tourists every year. The party atmosphere there is such a highlight that it makes the city so hard to forget. Apart from beautiful beaches, Puri also offers multiple historical places and famous temples like Jagannath Temple, Gundihca Temple, and Rammachandi Temple. Tourists will find numerous things to enjoy in this unique beach city. It will offer you more than you could ever expect.

Beach Detinations In India Bekal Kerala
Apart from the beauty of nature, Bekal Kerala is also a famous historical site

2. Bekal, Kerala Beach

Bekal is the northwestern-shore town of Kerala, south India. Shaped like a giant keyhole, Bekal Fort is the center of tourist attraction in Bekal. The town fascinates not only beach lovers but also other people such as historians and naturalists.

Apart from the unique Bekal Fort, this golden expanse also offers ongoing exposure to splendid beaches, hill destinations, and sports areas. If you come to Bekal, don’t let go of the opportunity to enjoy the superb view of the Arabian Sea when standing on the Bekal Fort’s observation tower. Totally worth it!

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Beach Detinations In India Andaman And Nicobar
This is one of the best beach destinations in India and even Asia.

1. Radhanagar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Standing at the 1st position on the list of best beaches in India and Asia, Radhanagar is truly the shining star of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Despite its remote location, the combination of ravishing turquoise blue sea and powdery white sand will make the effort worthwhile. 

The retreat actually provides tourists with numerous recreational activities like sunbathing, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking and so many more. In fact, you also have the chance to discover one of the most beautiful and diverse coral reefs of the world.  Radhanagar promises a splendid vacation that you would want to come back to this place every summer.

Check out this video and guess what beach in India is that:

There is no doubt a beach holiday is the best way to enjoy the summer even when it is a honeymoon, buddy getaway a family vacation. Add these beach destinations in India to your travel checklist and gear up for the next trip right now as the summer is on its way to come!

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