Best Destinations In India You Should Visit At Least Once In Your Life

Salena Harshini |Apr 27, 2020

Wonder where to head for in India? We have rounded up the best places in India that will help you profoundly experience the country's diverse charm.

When it comes to the questions about the best destinations in India to visit, some say it would have to base on one’s personal preference. However, there is definitely a reason why several places in India are indelibly more famous than others.  Check out the most worth-visiting tourist places in this nation to see which would be the perfect choice for you.

1. Delhi - City of Rallies (& Monuments)

Almost all first-time travelers would choose Delhi, the capital city of India, to be their destination. Some may experience culture shock arriving in this city.

The top attraction factors of Delhi include spellbinding forts, monuments, and mosques from the Mughal emperors who once ruled the land.

Delhi best destinations in India
Delhi is famous for its captivating and one-of-a-kind monuments

A lot of these are located in stunning landscaped gardens which are suitable for relaxing. Also, the moldering Old Delhi will be an albeit chaotic, fascinating place to explore.

2. Taj Mahal - The Icon of India

As a part of the Golden Triangle tourist circuit of India, Agra is most popular for the Taj Mahal. Needless to say more, the Taj Mahal is the top iconic symbol and among the utmost historical attractions in the nation. Because of that, it will be a shame if you leave this off your list.

Agra is also among safe places to travel in India for moms-to-be, so you can consider it for your babymoon destinations.

Taj Mahal best destinations in India
While you are there, don’t hesitate to be a little unconventional and visit other attractions in Agra as well!

3. Golden Temple - Holy Pool of Nectar

Amritsar features one of India's most prominent milestones - the Golden Temple. Golden Temple is otherwordly the Sikhs’ capital. It also has its named picked up as "Holy Pool of Nectar" owing to the waterway around the temple.

The stunning Golden Temple draws in travelers from everywhere throughout the globe and the number of guests it gets rivals that of the Taj Mahal!

Golden Temple best destinations in India
It looks especially capturing in evening when it's perfectly illuminated, with its monumental gold arch lit up

4. Udaipur - Land of Royal Splendor

Udaipur is famous as the city of palaces and lakes, as well as India’s most romantic city. It’s an unmissable destination for you to blend in with the regal splendor.

The regal family has changed over a significant part of the rambling City Palace into a historical center, lodging extremely valuable memorabilia. It gives you a remarkable chance to delve into their lives.

Udaipur best destinations in India
Visit Udaipur and you will experience the best regal splendor ever

Another appealing thing about Udaipur is that it offers incredible worth! There are a huge number of affordable yet barometrical inns neglecting the lake to remain in.

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5. Hampi - The Ruins of Empire

Hampi is unsurprisingly among the best destinations in India.

There you'll locate the spellbinding remains of Vijayanagar, the last capital of top best Hindu realms in the state as well as in the history of India. The remnants are intriguingly blended with enormous boulders which back up everywhere throughout the scene.

Hampi best destinations in India
Hampi was included in the list of 52 Places to Go in 2019 by The New York Times

Its calm vibe pulls in a lot of explorers who like to remain sometime and relax.

6. Ellora and Ajanta Caves - For Architecture & History Lovers

The awe-inspiring and ancient Ellora and Ajanta caves are among the most cherished caves in the 1.3-billion-people country. The caves are considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While Ellora has 34 caves dating from the 6th to 11th centuries AD, Ajanta has 29 which dates between 2nd and 6th century AD.

Ellora And Ajanta Caves best destinations in India
Ellora caves are a mixture of Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist ones, while Ajanta caves are all Buddhist

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7. Varanasi - The City of Temples

Varanasi is one of the best destinations in India for its unique spirituality. This mysterious holy city straightforwardly uncovers its customs along the numerous riverside ghats, that is utilized for everything from washing to burning the assortments of the dead.

Varanasi best destinations in India
Look at this, you may think of a European city, but it's Varanasi of India!

Although it is rather a grimy city (in spite of the fact that it has been tidied up a great deal lately), Varanasi does give gives a significant understanding of antiquated rituals in India. Two features are meandering along the riverside ghats and going to the night Ganga Aarti service.

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8. Kolkata - A Culture Hub

Kolkata, West Bengal’s capital Kolkata is wonderful but underrated as it is unluckily ignored by many tourists. Those who are fond of experiential travel, day-to-day life, and history would find Kolkata extremely appealing, though.

Kolkata best destinations in India
Kolkata is an underrated place but is indeed one of the best destinations in India to visit

Beyond its dusty buildings are diverse neighborhoods, engaging heritage, greats places for shopping, and delicious Bengali special cuisine. Besides, it is also worth experiencing Durga Puja, the biggest festival in the city.

9. Northeast India - Exploration of India’s Tribal Culture

It is usually surprising for tourists to find out that there are a lot of distinct tribes in India. As a matter of fact, India owns the biggest tribal population over the globe, alongside Africa.

Northeast India best destinations in India
Tourists are often surprised to discover that there are many different tribes in India

A large number of them live in the remote Northeast district and generally, they welcome guests. Probably the most ideal approaches to encounter their way of life is to join one of their inborn celebrations, for example, the famous Hornbill Festival.

10. Kerala Backwaters - Best for Refreshment

Another one of the best destinations in India is Kerala backwaters. Taking a trip on a houseboat along the palm-ornated Kerala backwaters feels extremely relaxing and tranquil. The magical green landscape, villages, and houses lining beside the water make the journey out-of-this-world.

Kerala Backwaters best destinations in India
Aren't these backwaters breathtaking yet so serene?

Chilled beer and some freshly-cooked Indian dishes right on the board even evaluate the trip to another level.

11. Goa - The Queen of Beaches

Goa is deemed as among the best destinations in India because it has the most divine beaches, promising the lazy days and fun bashes by the sea. However, Goa is more than hedonism solely. The state also owns a multifarious mix of nature, history, adventure activities, and culture.

Goa best destinations in India
Goa is definitely the most beautiful beaches in Asia, not just India.

Goa is divided into south and north. While the north is more action-packed and develop, the south would be perfect for those looking for quiet beaches. Each beach has an individual character.

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12. Kanha National Park - For Wildlife Observation

Wildlife destinations in India are countless, but the Madhya Pradesh jungles really stand out, especially Kanha National Park. India’s largest national park is marked as one of the best destinations in India and it was also the setting for The Jungle Book, the famous classic novel of Rudyard Kipling.

Kanha National Park best destinations in India
Kanha National Park is where "The Jungle Book" comes to life

The recreation center is exceptionally respected for its conservation and exploration programs. Various activities, like for nature strolls, are conceivable in the cradle zone and safaris into the center region two times per day. Tiger sightings are customary there also!

13. Spiti -  Paradise of Adventurers

In Himachal Pradesh, the remote Spiti’s high-altitude aerial desert landscape provides ample picks for adventure fans. These include trekking, hiking, mountain biking, yak safaris and tracking wildlife.

Spiti best destinations in India
The view is awe-striking regardless of seasons

The remarkable sceneries of Spiti are loaded with monasteries and small villages, topped off with soaring peaks covered in snow.

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14. Kutch Region, Gujarat - Wild Ass Sanctuary

Called the “Wild West” of India. Kutch region in Gujarat is a huge stretch of harsh and bleak desert landscape bordering Pakistan. A large part of Kutch involves seasonal wetlands also known as Great Rann of Kutch (known for the salt desert) and the smaller Little Rann of Kutch (known for the Wild Ass Sanctuary).

Kutch Gujarat best destinations in India
Kutch region in Gujarat is also among the best destinations in India

Moreover, the region is famous for the flamboyant handicraft made by the talented craft villagers and Mandvi’s seaside port town where is home to the striking shipbuilding yard aging 400 years old.

That's the list of best destinations in India you must visit at least once in your lifetime. If you have more places to add, please leave your comments in the box!


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