5 Indisputable Physical “Tells” Prove Someone Is Into You

Leela Adwani |Aug 23, 2019

There is something called “physical tells” which can help you know if they are interested in you.

Figuring out whether someone is into you or not can be tricky as for example when you are trying to inquire after or even seeing someone, the little things they do can be easily misinterpreted. However, there is something called “physical tells” which can help you know if they are interested in you.

Breathing will get deeper

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Author and the sacred intimacy coach Justin Patrick Pierce said, "In our line of work, we boil down the complexities of non-verbal communication down to two categories: openness and closure."

The fact is that when someone turns on the closing mode to you, their arms usually cross and legs cross away from you. The brows furrow and especially the breathing is likely to become shallow.

By contrast, if they are “opening”, they will tend to turn the body towards you, put their legs into your direction. The breath gets a bit deeper and relaxes as it’s telling that they are comfortable and safe when being with you.

Keep the focus on your upper body and your face first

In any kind of circumstance, eye contact is half the battle. One of the most obvious signal to show you if someone is having a crush on you is to look into their eyes as eyes don’t tell lies.

Researchers even found that most everyone felt that if they make eye contact with a stranger or someone they just met, they can take it in the wrong way. So, one of the most-asked questions is how to focus your gaze correctly.

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Experts advise that first, you have to reduce eye contact anxiety then improve this skill. If you’re talking to them one-on-one, choose a spot directly between or slightly above the listener’s eyes.

Direct their attention on your leg and chest areas

A study found that if someone is interested in a relationship with you, they typically focus on your chest and leg area. For those who are unversed, according to the survey, women who focused on the hip-to-waist ratio of a man longer said they felt more romantically interested than those who took more time to focus on a man’s head.


Mirror your actions

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Mirroring is just the norm once they want to connect with you. Bear in mind that it should happen naturally as if you do really odd, they will feel discomfort.

Get nervous when around you

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When you catch someone gets nervous when they are around you, that is a sign telling they are deeply interested in you.


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