7 Expert-Approved Signs Showing That The Right Person For Your Relationship Is Your Backup Partner

Shanaya Rishaan |Oct 11, 2019

You have your own backup plan for your love story as you're feeling insecure about your current relationship. These signs could be useful for you to see whether your plan will work out well or not.

People usually have their backup plans in case their current plan does not really work. So, when talking about love and relationship, it’s not a surprise if we have a backup partner that we consider they will be the more suitable than the previous or current one.

But, how can we tell that your backup choice is the right one you’re looking for? There are signs that you could check by yourself, and here are some clues given by love and relationship experts and counselors that can help you identify whether he or she is “The One” for you.

You are comfortable to be yourself when being with them

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If deep inside you, there is an existence of a fear that being yourself will discomfort your partner when being together, they are probably not your “The One,” as the person who is the best match for you is someone you’re fearless of showing your true nature when being with them. So, if your “Plan B” person is able to bring you this feeling which your current partner couldn’t, he or she may be “The One” you’re looking for.

Your friendship is solid

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A strong friendship seems to be the key leading to a long-term relationship because they know how to support you through a hard time of your life, which is one of the most important factors helping you to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Hence, people especially women tend to choose one of their close friends to become their backup partner. So, if you’re in a relationship and feel like the person who has been with you doesn’t fit your favor, well, your best friend could be.

You can completely trust them

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Trust reinforces your relationship, and without it, you cannot build a long-lasting love story. When you feel that you have no doubt in what they say or do, you can completely enjoy and nurture this relationship. Thus, if you feel like you probably trust your “Plan B,” begin to look for other aspects that are really working, because they could be the perfect match for you.

Both of you are compatible

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You’ve met someone that you can feel the chemistry and passion, but your two worlds are so different that none of you want to live on the other’s side, it’s a sign showing that this relationship couldn’t work well as your expectations.

If your backup partner is the one that has something in common with you in life values and future plans, it’s a good sign of a lasting relationship. So, give them a chance though right now you feel that they are not the perfect future partner you’re looking for.

You have a genuine connection

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It’s hard to find someone that has a genuine link with you, so if your backup partner is that person, well it’s a good starting point. The things that make them are the right partner of your life are their thoughtfulness and understanding.

They are able to know what you need and notice your emotional changes easily without asking a question so that they could ease all your intensities and light up your day.

They keep encouraging you to be the best version of yourself

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They may not be the person you love at first sight or feel the intense chemistry like you had with your ex, but they are the ones that encourage you to develop yourself, then your backup partner would be the perfect other part of your relationship.
Being with them, the supportive “Plan B,” you won’t feel degraded or limited as they always want you to keep growing up, chasing your dreams and taking the best care of yourself.

You always feel easy to share anything with them

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If your backup person gives you a complete comfortable zone in which you can easily express your feelings or speak out anything happening in your mind, they may be the best match for you.

Plus, being in a relationship with the right partner, you don’t have to hide any feelings which lead you to a factor called emotional security which is considered one of the most essential elements making your relationship last.


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