How To Forget Someone You Love Deeply – 10 Most-Searched Tips Post Breakup

Hanima Anand |Jul 19, 2020

Love often hurts. However, you can’t let those negative emotions to deter yourself from restoring faith and filling heart with romance again. See top 10 tips on how to forget someone you think you love deeply.

How to forget someone you love deeply? – The vexed question for almost all girls after breakup is surprisingly searched by a large number of men as well. It’s totally reasonable for anyone, regardless of gender, to ask such a question after experiencing an incomplete love. Understanding so, Starbiz brings you here top 10 practical tips on how to forget someone, especially those you love deeply.

We would only focus on simple feasible solutions of how to forget someone in gradual steps, instead of saying theoretical things.

How To Forget Someone You Love Deeply 1
Breakup is an indispensable part of love emotions.

How to forget someone you love deeply

First, let’s make it clear that breakups happen and it hurts. But this is totally normal for a person before he or she could find the ideal ‘match.’ Don’t blame yourself or anyone for the broken relationships; as the asymptote seems really close but never crosses the line (reviewing your Maths knowledge is better than missing someone for nothing).

Once you understand the rule of life, adopt these 10 tips on how to forget someone you like.

1 – Breathe & Relax

When you haven’t accepted the news, you need something to rest on. Stop working for a while, sit or lie down on a comfortable place and breathe deeply.

Breathing helps you to calm down and have time to reflect on what happened. Taking a nap is a good idea to temporarily forget negative thoughts though it might be hard to do so.

How To Forget Someone You Love Deeply 2
Rest at a peaceful place with lots of sunshine and breathe.

At that moment, always remember that your health, both physical and emotional, is the most important. You need to take care of yourself first before expecting anyone to do so. People may leave but you can always find a new one if you know how to make you energetic and beautiful.

2 – Stop visiting familiar places

A very crucial tip of how to forget someone you love so much is you don’t seek for memories by visiting your special places. These can include restaurants or roads you went to as a couple, or simply songs or movies you enjoyed together.

You can’t bring back past people by remembering them daily. Go to new places and get novel experiences. There are nearly 8 billion people out there, and millions of them could be your next partner.

3 – Do not stalk your ex

One of the most stupid things to do after breakup is stalking your ex’s life, to see whether they are happy without you or not. This doesn’t make you more delighted, trust me. It ruins your life instead.

Please accept it that you two have broken up and now you are normal people like the days before you met. If you don’t want to see them on your social newsfeed, block them and don’t try to check up on them every now and then.

You had better leave them alone while focusing on your own happiness.

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4 – Avoid physical contact with your ex

This is even more serious when it comes to how to forget someone you see every day. It’s hard to resist your feelings whenever seeing him or her pass by. You remember moments when you two gave each other passionate kisses but stop, you’re now broken up.

How To Forget Someone You Love Deeply 3
Walk past your ex like the girl in red, do not turn your head around!

That person might be giving that kiss to someone else, just seconds before you come across. If you want intimacy, find a new love. This reminder is more common for women, who can’t distinguish love and sex sometimes. Men are more straightforward in this issue.

5 – Try new things

As we said before, it’s useless seeking memories in special places that used to be your dating locations. You want toknow how to forget someone you care for, you have to learn leaving those memories behind and find new things to experience.

Some effective ideas include holiday trips with friends or bungee jumping which can force all negative thoughts out of your head. Also, joining some classes like drawing or cooking does help too. You can even find your other half with the same interest there, as long as it’s not among your memory places.

6 – Talk to your friends and family

Staying around those who care about you and can uplift your mood is of utmost importance among tips on how to forget someone who hurt you.

On the one hand, you can bare your souls with them and relieve your stress after breakup. On the other hand, their optimistic attitude can influence your mood, then removing negative thoughts inside you.

How To Forget Someone You Love Deeply 4
Haven't found success in love? Try friendship goals!

If you suddenly feel lonely for no one is around, you can email us at We are here to listen to your stories.

7 – Forgive your past

To forget someone who hurt you, you have to forgive them because you deserve peace for your soul. It you hold the grudge, you are the one who bears the most stress for thinking about it over and over again.

Whatever people did to you in the past, you deserve a peaceful mind and a new life in the future, built from your hands and soul. Let them be the past, accept them as a part of memory that teaches us lessons. Learning from mistakes is all that people do to grow up and succeed later.

8 – Keep you busy and organized

When you are active doing something else, you won’t have time to miss your ex. You should take up a new hobby or launch a new project to get yourself involved. However, always keep your place organized as a mess can easily drag your mood down.

Be busy meeting new people or trying new things, that’s the secret of how to forget someone you love deeply.

9 – Open up to new relationships

Now, it’s time to make a major step. You’re sexy, free and single now, which means you again have a chance to meet up new people and set up new relationships.

How To Forget Someone You Love Deeply 5
If you feel something for someone new, don't refrain your heart from bouncing again.

Prepare yourself for a restart at any time. Let others walk in your routine if you have feelings for them. It’s totally okay to start a new relationship right after break-up. Don’t think you can’t enjoy your life after such an incident, the human body has an amazing recovery ability and it would thank you if you’re open to new friends.

However, you should note that you shouldn’t get involved in a serious relationship too quickly after this time as it might not be your sensible decision. It might be your eagerness to take revenge on your ex, to show them you have a better life now. Be slowly but thorough. Get to know your new partner first and give you two some time to build up a strong mutual understanding.

10 – Let time do its healing job

The final tip of how to forget someone you love deeply is to take your time. Everyone needs a certain amount of time to forget something, let alone somebody that we used to care for.

It’s okay if you still miss them occasionally but time will heal the wounds and make those memories fade, gradually. Even when you have moved on with a new person, you have the right to visit your memory in the imagination until it disappears. Just don’t let it control you and interfere with your presence.

Memories are what we should treasure for it makes who we are today, but presence is what makes the future-us.

How to forget someone quotes

As a bonus, we bring you some How to forget someone quotes so that you can express your emotions on your social accounts, for example. This is also a way to let others know your status and care more about you. Who knows after posting these quotes, someone new would come to your life as an immediate therapy?

How To Forget Someone Quotes 1
It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.
How To Forget Someone Quotes 2
When you put so much effort to forget someone, the effort itself becomes a memory. Then you have to forget the forgetting, and that too is memorable.
How To Forget Someone Quotes 3
Some memories are really hard to forget, while some memories give us a reason to regret.
How To Forget Someone Quotes 4
Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met...

Do come back for more tips like how to forget someone you love deeply!

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