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Leela Adwani |Sep 24, 2020

Read to embark on a journey of surprises. Watch and Download FREE Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie with us now!

The Gujarati-language comedy movie Chaal Jeevi Laiye! (Come, let’s live!) hit the screen on 1 February 2019. Starring Siddharth Randeria, Yash Soni, and Aarohi Patel, the film was released at the same time with several Bollywood blockbusters back then but it wasn’t overshadowed by any B-wood biggies. In fact, it also became the highest-grossing film in the history of Gujarati cinema. After more than one year, Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie download is still a much-searched keyword.

Aarohi Patel
Aarohi Patel plays the second lead role in the film but left a huge impression on the audience

The film hit the domestic theaters on 1 February 2019 and took the ticket window by storm. Following the success in India, the makers continued to release it in other foreign countries including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Canada, and some African countries. The film completed its 50-week theatrical run on January 17, 2020, and re-released two weeks after that.

Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie plot                                                               

Before knowing where to get the Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie download, take a look at its summary first. In a nutshell, the film centers on the story of a father-son pair. The son named Aditya Parekh (played by Yash Soni) is a workaholic entrepreneur who works 24/7 with the aim of expanding his business across the globe. That’s why he can’t spend time with his family, especially his father named Bibin Chandra Parikh (played by Siddharth Randeria) who is later diagnosed with a brain tumor called Pontine Glioma. It shocked Aditya a lot but that makes him change his working schedule to spend more time with his father.

Chaal Jeevi Laiye Movie Download 2
The film revolves around the fun road trip of three people

Aditya and Bipin later embarked on a road trip to Kedarnath and Ganga River as it’s the wish of his father. En route to their next stop, they encounter an unconscious girl named Ketki Mehta who is lying on the road. Bipin agrees to give her a lift. Their journey becomes more interesting and gets a lot of happy moments thanks to Ketki. Slowly, Aditya starts feeling for this energetic girl and he also understands the importance of fatherhood/ He spends the whole night.

Chaal Jeevi Laiye Movie Download 3
A father-son duo and a girl they meet on the road

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However, they are unaware that they are being followed by two goons who follow to rob them. Their jeep’s diesel tank is later destroyed by these men. That makes the trio stuck midway and these two gangsters reach and steal their valuable belongings. They also reach Aditya’s jeep and kidnap his father Bipin.

Aarohi Patel 2
The role of Aarohi Patel makes the film way funnier

Whether Aditya can find his beloved dad and bring him back home or not, watch it in the Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie download version that we are about to suggest below. We don’t want to spoil too much the content of the film, just watch it until the end.

By the way, in case you don’t want to spend too much time reading the plot, watch the trailer before Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie download version as it also gives the viewers a glimpse of the movie. Watch it below:

Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie review

Being the highest grosser of the Gujarati film industry, not only did Chaal Jeevi Laiye win the heart of millions of audiences but also the critics. The film takes its viewers on the roller-coaster ride of emotion about the bond of father and son, mixed with a bit romance between two young single people. We also embark on a journey of surprises that bring us a good laugh.

Chaal Jeevi Laiye Movie Download 4
Other than the fatherhood, we also see the romance blooming between these two

It received mostly positive reviews and one of them was from the Times of India. Shruti Jambhekar from TOI gave the film a rare 4-star rate (out of 5) and heaped praises on the director for the screenplay, cinematography, editing, music, and especially the performance of the cast. The film was said to be a soulful but fun weekend watch for those who love Gujarati movies.

We still recommend you watch the Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie download version to have your own review.

Where to download Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie

Like mostly hotly movies from Bollywood to Hollywood, Chaal Jeevi Laiye is also a target of online piracy. As soon as the film was released, it has been made available for free download.

Understanding your struggles in finding a high-quality Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie download version to watch at home, we are here to help you.

Chaal Jeevi Laiye Movie Download 5
It's worth a watch and we highly recommend watching it with your family

We are NOT illegal websites that frequently leak copyrighted content without the permission of the makers. We just tell you where to download your favorite movies.

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We hope that you will have some good time watching the Chaal Jeevi Laiye movie download version that we have already listed above. If possible, enjoy the movie with your dad!

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