15 Most Attractive Chinese Actresses: One Of Them Worked With Salman Khan In A Bollywood Movie

Salena Harshini |Jul 21, 2020

This list includes the most beautiful Chinese actresses you have ever seen. Brace yourself for a wonderful treat for the eyes.

In such a big nation like China, it is unsurprising that there is a myriad of beautiful and talented starlets. Ever wondered who are the top among that huge number of beauties? We have put together the list of most stunning Chinese actresses for you to see right now!

Most beautiful starlets of China are gathered up here

1. Dilraba Dilmurat

The exquisite charm and talent of Dilraba Dilmurat (Di Li Re Ba) are beyond any doubt. The 28-year-old star has bagged endless compliments for her exotic beauty as well as credits and awards for her roles in the film field. The singer, actress, and model of Uyghur ethnicity is considered to be one of the Chinese fairies.



Dilraba Dilmurat is the beauty icon of this country

Make sure to watch her latest drama Love Advanced Customization.

2. Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei is absolutely among the most famous and attractive Chinese actresses with a special traditional beauty. Chinese fans even refer to her as “Fairy Sister” for the fact that she looks extremely pure.

Liu Yifei's fame has reached a global span

She will soon be seen in Disney's anticipated blockbuster Mulan live-action.

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3. Gulnazar

Also an Uyghur like Dilbara Dilmurat yet Gulnazar brings about a different aura. When Dilbara oozes a sexy sense of enchantment, Guli Nezha feels like a lovely and fresh neighbor-girl.


Fans even said that she could bring back the first love feeling to them. If you want to learn more about her, watch Return the World to You now!

4. Angelababy

Angelababy, also known as Yang Ying, has a one-of-a-kind charm mixed between German and Chinese. With big, sharp eyes, beautiful lips, and soft face structure, she is undoubtedly among the most beautiful Chinese actresses.


Angelababy has never been off the list when it comes to the most stunning actresses of China

Her most known shows are Keep Running (Running Man China) and romantic TV drama General and I.

5. Yang Zi

Yang Zi has been very popular in recent years with a series of complimented projects like Ashes of Love, Go Go Squid, and The Oath of Love. With pretty heart-shaped lips and almond eyes, she also gives a vibrant and friendly aura.

Yang Zi

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6. Yang Mi

Yang Mi can be considered an icon as she is so famous that even those who are not C-fans also know about her. The 1986-born actress who has a fragile beauty is active in diverse fields like TV shows, acting, and singing. She has carved herself a niche with a lot of successful shows like Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Legend of Fuyao, and Takes a Real Man 2.

Yang Mi is the top actress of C-biz

She is also considered a top refreshing and attractive Chinese actress without makeup, even.

7. Fan Bingbing

With her signature white skin and bold red lips, Fan BingBing is the iconic queen of China. Ever since her debut movie in 1999 until now, the actress has starred in a lot of projects and switched her image from a bona fide princess to a powerful queen.

Fan Bingbing - the biggest female name of C-biz

Her 2014 movie Empress of China was a cult to the international movie lovers. The Chinese actress in Hollywood has also appeared in the popular flick X-Men: Days of Future Past.

8. Cecilia Liu

Liu Shi Shi, aka Cecilia Liu, has a flawless face shape with a perfect balance between her structure and expressive eyes. The top stunning Chinese actresses have her fame reached out of the nation border after Scarlet Heart drama.

Liu Shi Shi strikes with a classic beauty

Her new project To Dear Myself with budding actor Zhu Yi Long is going to be released soon this year.

9. Tiffany Tang

When it comes to the most beautiful Chinese actresses, we can’t miss Tiffany Tang who is noted for her acting in famous movies like My Daughter, Chinese Paladin 3, The Princess Weiyoung and My Sunshine.

Tiffany Tang is becoming bolder after getting married

To the pity of men, she got married to actor Luo Jin and they also confirmed to be pregnant and are alleged to have given birth to twins.

10. Ouyang Nana

The actress who was born in 2000 has become extremely popular among the youth although her movie number is not massive like that of other Chinese actresses. She is also a talented young lady with an impressive music mastery.

One of the most beautiful Chinese actresses: Ouyang Nana

With crystal clear beauty and undeniable multi-talents, she has arisen in the top Chinese actresses. Ouyang Nana Instagram now has 3.1 million followers.

The new muse of the industry

The most awe-striking Chinese actress without makeup is definitely Ouyang Nana.

11. Zanilia Zhao

Zanilia Zhao (Zhao Liying) attracts fans with a different feature compared to other Chinese actresses, her round (yet tiny) face with round eyes and thin lips.

Zanilia Zhao steals hearts with an innocent beauty

She not only looks cute but also pulls off her acting work, making her a household name around Asia. Her most known works are Boss & Me, Our Glamorous Times, and Princess Agents.

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12. Zhang Yu Xi

Zhang Yu Xi has become viral especially after her role in My Little Princess. Born in 1993, the model-actress started her career by winning the contest of 7th Ruili Cover Girl.

Zhang Yu Xi
She also has an admirable body

She impressed with a sharp belle and attractive long legs.

13. Lareina Song

In the list of most beautiful Chinese actresses, Lareina Song (Song Zu Er) are among the youngest. The 22-year-old star brings you a sultry and mysterious side which is totally unforgettable.

Lareina Song

14. Zheng Shuang

Zheng Shuang is another girl who you could easily fall for with her girl-next-door charm. She has starred in known projects like Meteor Garden, Love O2O, River Flows to You and more.

Zheng Shuang

Unlike her sprouting career, it seems that she is not that lucky in her romantic relationships.

15. Zhu Zhu

Zhu Zhu may not seem eye-popping beautiful like other Chinese actresses, but she has the most appealing charm you can ever see.

Zhu Zhu can pull off any style

For the unversed, like Chinese actress Miya Muqi who was part of Jackie Chan Hindi film Kung Fu Yoga, she was in a Bollywood war movie alongside Salman Khan, Tubelight. For this movie which was released on Eid 2017, she went to Mumbai in middle 2016 to learn Hindi ASAP.

Zhu Zhu was opposite Salman Khan in the 2017 film "Tubelight"

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