10 Puff Wedding Ponytail Hairstyles Give You A Fabulous Look

Alia Thao |Oct 14, 2019

If you need to join a wedding soon and still wonder how you should do with your hair, the puff ponytail is a perfect choice for wedding hairstyles. Check out 10 different looks!

If you believe that the wedding is only for traditional clothes, you are mistaken. There are other ceremonies like Sangeet, cocktail night and reception when you need to dress the most trendy gowns. We suggest 10 wedding ponytail hairstyles make you always shine at the party.

Let's check it out:

1. Crimped puff pony hairstyle

The first wedding ponytail is for the sexy girls who want to stand out and catch every glance. They will prefer this crimped puff with one more layer rather than the simple one. Adding some accessories like rubber bands to your hair or your pony will elevate your look.

wedding ponytail

2. Braided puff ponytail

If you want to have an Indian look for the wedding, a braided puff ponytail is a perfect choice. You can braid the hair in the front and lose them to create the illusion of a puff, which makes the overall outfit more graceful.

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3. Puff pony with a side braid

If you want something more sweer, you can also try the puff ponytail with a side braid. For the braid, there are several kinds such as classic, fishtail, French braid or mermaid braid, which you can choose depending on your flavor. If you want to do these hairstyles by yourself, you can search for some tutorials on the Internet.

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4. Bubble ponytail with a puff

This bubble ponytail is becoming the trend of hairstyles at the wedding. It is not only popular with wedding guests but also suitable for the brides. You can mix this style with both ethnic wear and fashionable gowns.

You can also modify the look of the hairstyle with your outfits by pairing with some tone-sur-tone accessorizes. For example, if you choose an Indian dress, floral accessories can create western patterns. For other looks, you can mix with studs or pearl accessories as backcombs and tiaras.

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5. High ponytail with a backcomb

The reason that high ponytails are popular is they can create the edge for your face. It also makes you look higher due to the illusion of the puff if you are a short heightened girl. This tip can help you to hide your real height with any kind of your outfits.

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6. Simple ponytail with a side puff

This hairstyle goes for cousins or friends of the couples for their night party or reception ceremony. No matter what dress they are wearing a mini black or an embellished one, the simple puff ponytail can be accordant with the look.

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7. Intricate half ponytail hairstyle

This hairstyle is simple but can create an impression with any type of dress. With a center puff, you will tie a portion of the hair for the ponytail and curl the left part. Leaving some hair on the back will make your hair look thicker and more widespread.

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8. Curly puffy ponytail

This is one of the classic puff ponytail hairstyles that brides usually choose for their cocktails and receptions. You can curl the end of the ponytail to add the volume of hair.

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9. Wide ponytail

This hairstyle is quite similar to the previous one. But there is a difference that you will use an accessory to make the wide ponytail. Therefore, you need to make up your mind based on your chosen dress.

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10. Messy ponytail with messy puff

The last hairstyle we suggest is a messy ponytail with small curls from the roots to the tips. The fluffiness of the curls will create a puff by themselves. This wedding ponytail hairstyle definitely makes you shine at any wedding.

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